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You can edit most settings by pressing the Settings button on the main menu or on the pause menu. There are even more settings available from the "Settings" top menu bar on the main menu.

If you need to edit the config without starting the game, you can change your configuration by modifying your config.txt. Just below you can see the location of this file on each operating system.

There is also a community made tool available for editing the config file without starting the game, the SUMLauncher.

Config File Location

The configuration file is created when Overgrowth is started for the first time.

To view or edit your config file, find your operating system in the list below and follow the shown path.


My Documents\Wolfire\Overgrowth\Data\config.txt

Note: NOT Program Files\Wolfire\Overgrowth\Data!


Macintosh HD/Users/~/Library/Application Support/Overgrowth/Data/config.txt

where ~ is your username.

Note: If you are using Lion, your library folder is hidden by default... in the finder, click the "Go" menu, then Press Option, and Library will appear in the list.




General Settings

Setting Default Value Description
screenwidth 800 The game's horizontal resolution.
screenheight 600 The game's vertical resolution.
fullscreen false Determines whether to run in full screen or windowed mode.
vsync false Limits the framerate to match the user's monitor refresh rate (smooths out the framerate).
simple_shadows 1 Disables dynamic shadows if set to 1.
blood 1 Disable or enable blood
blood_color 0.4 0 0 The color of blood in the game in R, G, B. Each value should be between 0 and 1.
multisample 0 Determines the level of anti-aliasing (smooths out jagged edges). Should be 1, 2, 4 or 8.
anisotropy 0 Determines the level of anisotropic filtering (increases the quality of textures drawn far away and at an angle). Should be 1, 2, 4 or 8.
motion_blur_amount 0 How much motion blur to apply, should be between 0 and 1.
post_effects true Determines whether to use post effects.
shaders true Determines whether to use shaders.
texture_reduce 0 Determines the level to which the texture resolutions should be reduced (higher numbers means lower resolution).
texture_minimize_ram 1 TODO: What does this do?
full_level_unload true TODO: What does this do?
gamma_correct true Determines whether to use gamma correction.
fps_label false Determines whether to display the current fps (frames per second) on screen.
sound_label false Determines whether to display all active sounds on screen.
visible_raycasts false Determines whether to display lines representing all AIs' visibility.
visible_sound_spheres false Determines whether to display spheres representing the distance sounds travel (such as running).
editor_mode false Determines whether to start the game in play mode (false) or editor mode (true).
invert_y_mouse_look false Determines whether to invert the y-axis controls (looking up/down).
use_raw_input true Use raw mouse input, solves mouse issues for some people.
invert_y_gamepad_look false Determines whether to invert the y-axis controls (looking up/down).
tet_mesh_lighting 0 If set to 1, use the pre-baked tetrahedral mesh global illumination. TODO: Does this work?
light_volume_lighting false Use ambient light volume lighting if available.
global_time_scale_mult 1.0 How fast the game should run. Can be set to above and below the min./max. values of the ingame settings. TODO: Hardcoded min/max values?
game_difficulty 1.0 How hard the game should be, higher is harder.
tutorials true Helpful messages are displayed in the game.
difficulty_set false TODO: What does this do?
volume_shadows false Use experimental volume shadow graphics tech.
ssao false Use experimental screen space ambient occlusion graphics tech.
auto_ledge_grab true The player character will automatically grab ledges when they can. If false you need to hold right click to grab ledges.
particle_field true Show particle fields in the game. TODO: Does this affect CPU particle fields, GPU particle fields, or both?
custom_level_shaders true Use shaders made for specific levels to add things like snow, wetness near water etc.
disable_fog false Disables atmoshperic fog.
simple_fog false Extra simple fog calculations for low-end graphics cards.
no_auto_nav_mesh false Disables automatic nav mesh generation. TODO: Verify that this is what it does
no_texture_convert false Skip converting textures to .dds format to save VRAM. TODO: Verify that this is what it does
gl_load_s3tc true TODO: What does this do?
skip_loading_pause false You don't have to press left click to start the level after it has been loaded.
brightness 1 Increase or decrease the brightness of the game.
use_soundtrack_limiter true Better handling of music volume when transitioning between tracks.
master_volume 0.8 Overall loudness of all game audio.
music_volume 0.4 Loudness of game music.
media_mode false Determines whether to disable the in-game interface.
baked_shadows true (Deprecated) Determines whether to use the pre-baked shadows (true) or cascaded shadow maps (false).
debug_key_presses false TODO: What does this do? How are key presses debugged when this is on?
block_cheating_progress true Disables unlocking levels when cheats are active, like when in the editor.
auto_camera false Determines whether to have the camera automatically return to a position behind the player. Only affects the player controlled with keyboard and mouse in local multiplayer with splitscreen, will be true for the other players.
split_screen false Determines if the game view should be split or not when there is more than one player.
chase_camera_fov 90.0 The field of view of the camera when playing the game.
editor_camera_fov 90.0 The default field of view of the camera when in the editor.
report_case_errors false Reports capitalization errors in the log when they are found. TODO: Does this work?
background_process_pool false Use background processes for things like calculating the nav mesh. TODO: Is this accurate?
main_menu true Show main menu when starting the game. If false it will load the level at the path in the debug_load_level setting.
debug_load_level Project60/16_red_desert.xml If main_menu is set to false, the level at this path will load when the game is started.
mouse_sensitivity 0.5 Determines how far the camera in the game rotates when the mouse moves.
gpu_skinning false Use the graphics card to skin characters. This should be false to avoid any issues.
detail_objects 1 Determines if 3D grass models, small rocks etc. are displayed on the terrain.
seamless_cubemaps true Make cubemaps display seamlessly. TODO: When is this useful?
debug_keys true Enables use of debug keys, such as F for laser eyes. TODO: Does this still work?
shader_dir_path Data/GLSL/ Where the game looks for shaders. TODO: Does this work?
debug_show_ai_state false TODO: What does this do?
debug_show_ai_path false Show lines to every NPC's destination.
debug_draw_window false Show debug window in the top left.
albedo_only false Display only color of objects, without any lighting etc.
no_decals false Disable rendering of decals.
single_pass_shadow_cascade false Render all real-time shadows in a single pass. TODO: Does this still work?
shader_debug false TODO: What does this do?
opengl_callback_errors true TODO: What does this do?
opengl_callback_error_dialog false TODO: What does this do?
occlusion_query true TODO: What does this do?
dump_include_scripts false TODO: What does this do?
allow_game_dir_save false If true, the editor encourages you to save in the working directory instead of the game directory.
level_backup_count 10 The maximum number of backups to save for each level. Backups can be found in working_dir/Overgrowth/Data/Levels/backups/.
no_reflection_capture 0 If set to 1, all reflections are disabled.
has_detected_settings false TODO: What does this do?
save_as_crunch false Use the crunch library to convert textures. TODO: Does this do anything?
check_for_workshop_membership true TODO: What does this do?
enable_live_update true Enables automatic texture and script reloading when a change is detected.
level_load_stress false TODO: What does this do?
detail_object_decals 1 Apply decals to detail objects such as grass, small rocks etc.
asdebugger_enabled 0 Activate the AngelScript debugger. TODO: What does this do more exactly?
asdebugger_break_on_script_change 0 TODO: What does this do?
menu_show_asdebugger_contexts 0 TODO: What does this do?
extra_data_path Path to a directory containing a second Data folder that you want the game to use.

Keyboard and Mouse

key[quit] esc Exits from player mode into editor mode, and opens a menu allowing the user to return to the main menu.
key[slow] tab Toggles slow motion.
key[fast] \ TODO: Does this do anything?
key[crouch] lshift Causes the player to crouch.
key[jump] space Causes the player to jump.
key[show_timing] f2 TODO: What does this do?
key[screenshot] f7 Captures a screenshot (saved in /Data/Screenshots/)
key[transparent_screenshot] f8 Captures a screenshot in .png format where the sky and terrain is transparent.
key[console] ` Deprecated, it pauses the game. But that doesn't have anything to do with the console.
key[left] a Causes the player to move to the left.
key[right] d Causes the player to move to the right.
key[up] w Causes the player to move forward.
key[down] s Causes the player to move backward.
key[item] e Causes the player to sheathe or unsheathe a weapon.
key[drop] q Causes the player to pick up a weapon. Holding left shift, looking down and pressing Q drops the held weapon.
key[skip_dialogue] return Skips the currently active dialogue.
key[rclick] rshift Alternate key used for "right clicking".

Xbox controller

xbox_look_sensitivity 1.5 Supposed to be the sensitivity of an attached Xbox controller, however it does nothing.
xbox[lookx] R_STICK_X Xbox axis mapped for looking along the x-axis.
xbox[looky] R_STICK_Y Xbox axis mapped for looking along the y-axis.
xbox[movex] R_STICK_X Xbox axis mapped for movement along the x-axis.
xbox[movey] R_STICK_Y Xbox axis mapped for movement along the y-axis.
xbox[jump] RB Xbox jump button.
xbox[crouch] LB Xbox crouch button.
xbox[attack] RT Xbox attack button.
xbox[grab] LT Xbox grab button.
xbox[item] A Xbox item button.
xbox[drop] X Xbox drop button.
xbox[skip_dialogue] START Xbox skip currently acive dialogue.
xbox[quit] BACK Xbox bring up menu or go back in menu.

Generic Controller

controller[movex] axis1 Controller axis mapped for movement along the x-axis.
controller[movey] axis2 Controller axis mapped for movement along the y-axis.
controller[lookx] axis3 Controller axis mapped for looking along the x-axis.
controller[looky] axis4 Controller axis mapped for looking along the y-axis.
controller[jump] button11 Controller jump button.
controller[crouch] button10 Controller crouch button.
controller[item] button1 Controller item button.
controller[drop] button3 Controller drop button.
controller[attack] axis6>0.5 Controller attack "button" (default mapping is set to an axis being less than half full in a negative direction).
controller[grab] axis5>0.5 Controller grab "button" (default mapping is set to an axis being greater than half full in a positive direction).

Editor Hotkeys

These keys only work when the editor is active. To activate the editor, press F1 when any level is loaded.

For more in-depth information on how to use the editor, read the Editor Interface article.

bind[pause] ` Toggles freezing the time.
bind_win[quit] alt+f4 Turns off the game.
bind_unix[quit] cmd+q Turns off the game on Linux.
bind[back] esc Opens or closes the menu, goes back in menu if it can.
bind[clone_transform] alt Hold to clone an object when you transform (move, rotate or scale) it.
bind[snap_transform] ctrl Hold to snap transformations to certain increments.
bind[force_rotate] r Hold to activate the rotate tool.
bind[force_scale] e Hold to activate the scale tool.
bind[force_translate] t Hold to activate the move tool.
bind[normal_transform] shift Hold to rotate/scale/translate on alternate axies.
bind[edit_script_params] u Toggles showing the Selected window.
bind[single_selected] i Toggles showing the Single Selected window.
bind[edit_color] cmd+p Toggles the Color Picker window.
bind[search_scenegraph] cmd+f Opens the Scenegraph window and focuses its search field.
bind[scenegraph] y Opens the Scenegraph window.
bind[toggle_player] cmd+shift+p Toggles whether the selected spawn points are player controlled or NPCs.
bind[toggle_object_editing] cmd+1 Toggles whether you can edit static meshes.
bind[toggle_decal_editing] cmd+2 Toggles whether you can edit decals.
bind[toggle_hotspot_editing] cmd+3 Toggles whether you can edit gameplay objects.
bind[open_spawner] cmd+l Deprecated, does nothing.
bind[save_level] cmd+s Saves the level.
bind[save_selected_items] cmd+shift+s Saves the selected items as a prefab.
bind[cut] cmd+x Saves the selected objects to the clipboard and then removes them.
bind[paste] cmd+v Pastes whatever objects are in the clipboard on the mouse location.
bind[copy] cmd+c Saves the selected objects to the clipboard.
bind[undo] cmd+z Reverts the most recent edit.
bind[redo] cmd+shift+z Reverts the most recently undo.
bind[enable_imposter] cmd+i Deprecated, does nothing. TODO: Is this accurate?
bind[disable_imposter] cmd+shift+i Deprecated, does nothing. TODO: Is this accurate?
bind[connect] alt Hold and left click to connect the selected object to the clicked object. Is used for nav connection hotspots, Path Point hotspots, weapons etc.
bind[disconnect] shift+alt Hold and left click to break an existing connection between the selected object and the clicked object.
bind[group] cmd+g Groups the selected objects.
bind[ungroup] cmd+shift+g Ungroups the selected group.
bind[box_select] b Hold and left click and drag to create a selection box. When you release left click, all objects in the box are selected.
bind[deselect_all] q Deselects any selected objects.
bind[select_all] cmd+a Select all objects in the level.
bind[select_similar] cmd+shift+a Select all objects that are similar to the selected object.
bind[add_to_selection] shift Hold while selecting objects to add them to the selection.
bind[bake_gi] cmd+j Deprecated, does nothing.
bind[kill_selected] cmd+k Kill the selected character and instantly save its ragdoll position. Press the button combination again once the character has fallen to save the resting pose.
bind[print_objects] f11 Print the selected objects to the log. TODO: Is this accurate?
bind[toggle_level_load_stress] f10 TODO: Is this used? Maybe used in conjunction with the level_load_stress config setting?
bind[new_level] cmd+n Does nothing.
bind[open_level] cmd+o Does nothing.
bind[frame_selected] f Frames the selected object so it's visible in the camera. Hold this button and rotate the camera to orbit around the object.
bind[frame_selected_force] shift+f Same as frame_selected, but puts the camera closer.
bind[refresh] f5 TODO: What does this do?

Controller Setup

Most common controllers should work out of the box for Overgrowth. The control scheme is different from most games, but works well for Overgrowth's gameplay. If you want to change the controls you need to edit the config file. First make sure the game is turned off. Then find and open your config file, then edit the bindings in that file for Xbox controller if you use that, otherwise generic controller.

After making your desired changes, save the file and open the game.

If you have problems with your controller on Mac, check out Anton's guide.

Advanced Controller Setup

If for some reason your controller isn't working properly with the game, here are some instructions for Windows 7 that might help you out:

First, make sure your controller is plugged in to your computer.

Next, open the start menu and click on Control Panel (located on the right side). Once opened, make sure the view is set to Large Icons (switchable in the upper right corner). Select Devices and Printers.

You should see your controller listed under Devices. Right click it, and select Game Controller Settings. The Game Controllers window will appear. Make sure your controller is selected, then click on Properties.

Once again, a new window should appear - make sure that the view is set to the Test tab. In this view, you will be able to determine which physical button is mapped to each virtual button. Play around with your controller to confirm that everything is working properly, and take note of the button mappings.

Now navigate to and open up your config.txt file (as described above). Rearrange the mappings in the file to match your desired controller setup.

Once you have everything modified, save the config.txt file and launch Overgrowth in order to test the new configuration.