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These are the Mods currently available for Lugaru, in order of release.

eyeCube MapPack - eyeCube (fixed link- March 2013)

Ninja Lugaru - Wouter

Matrix - Zip (Broken Link)

China - Miro (Broken Link - December 2009)

Space Lugaru - Levbot (Broken Link)

New School Samurai - skr (Broken Link - December 2009)

Dumb T-shirts - Silb (Broken Link - December 2009)

Various Hi-Res Textures - Maxis (Broken Link - December 2009)

Long-haired Rabbit Skins - Jesse

Alternate Leather Armor - Jesse

Alternate Music - Ledood (Broken Link)

Custom Made Music- DJ Sick Nick (featuring music from the album "Your Chicken is Moldy") (Broken Link - December 2009)

Weapon Shop - Lotus Wolf (Broken Link)

This is the default "Maps" and "Textures" folders.

Default - David


Levbot's Map Packs

Map Packs by rudel_ic:

-- Go here for screenshots and comments.

Maps by BunnyWithStick:

(Maps in text form, may need to tell your browser to download them by option/alt-clicking the links, works on most browsers including Internet Explorer)