Custom Decals

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Decals are textures which can be mapped to environment objects & terrain in Edit Mode. Their main use is adding detail to the scenary; bloodsplats, shadows and footprints use them too.


To create a custom decal, the following files are needed:

  • XML File - What you select when loading the decal
    • Color Map File - The texture for the decal
    • Normal Map File - Has normal information for the decal TODO: is this necessary or are there fallback files?

XML File

<?xml version="2.0" ?>

Path to the texture file.

Path to the Normal map image file.

Texture File

Can be created with any image manipulation program. Has to be quadratic. TODO: is this True? The following file formats are supported:

  • *.tga
  • *.png
  • *.jpeg TODO: is this True?

TODO: add the rest.

Normal Map Image File

Can be created with any image manipulation program. Must have the same dimensions as the texture file. TODO: is this True?