If you just pre-ordered overgrowth, read this first

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So, you just pre-ordered Overgrowth?

Awesome! By supporting Wolfire, you show your support to the developers, motivating them and guaranteeing an ever better game, and you get a weekly access to the alpha versions. Read this page to know what the deal is!

I just pre-ordered- what next?

By pre-ordering Overgrowth, you can do two things:

First of all, you need an account on the forum. If you don't have one already, register there. Then follow the link given in your pre-order email, and type your nickname to get access to the SPF.

In the SPF, you'll find a sticky named "Unofficial alpha XX, weekly build". You can check that post out to get the link to download the latest Overgrowth alpha.

The SPF is also a place where all the preorderers discuss about the alpha, speculate about Overgrowth and ask questions to the Wolfire team. Participate and join us in the discussions!

What is the alpha exactly, and what can I do with it?

The alpha is the game at a very early stage. As of now (November 2010), the Alpha includes the ability to play around as either Turner (the protagonist of Lugaru), two new Rabbits and as a Wolf. You're able to fight against another Rabbit, to test out some of the combat mechanics that have been added. Of course, this is all still in a very basic stage and will be heavily improved once the actual game is released. The alpha also includes a basic editor for Overgrowth, which is definitely worth playing around with.

But I just want to play the game!

Unfortunately, the game still has a while to go before its full release. Check out the blog regularly for updates on Overgrowth, and participate in the forums.

Creating content for Overgrowth

As said previously, Overgrowth also includes an editor. Even though you can't play the official game yet, you can still create content for Overgrowth! For more info about that, check out the related sections on the Portal:Overgrowth.

Once you're done with your piece of art, be sure to share it in the SPF!