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'Cmd' refers to the '⌘' key on Macs, and the 'Ctrl' key on PCs. Add here when new alpha specific things are added: thank you!

OBS: remember that you need an active opponent to attack before Robbert or any of the chars will kick or punch. Press the Floppy Icon and add a character from the Character tab in the window that pops up.

Character Movement

Control Behavior
Forward 'w' Moves player forward.
Backward 's' Moves player backward.
Left 'a' Moves player left.
Right 'd' Moves player right.
Crouch shift Makes player crouch, roll while moving.
Jump Space Makes player jump.
Ledge Grab Space + Right Mousebutton Makes player grab horizontal ledges.

Basic Attacks

How many legcannons can you do before touching the ground again? Challenge yourself!
Control Behavior
Punch/Kick Left Mousebutton Punch and kick depending on if you stand still or move in a certain direction. Exact attack may change depending on the controlled character.
Pick Up a Weapon Right Mousebutton If you're close to a weapon object, picks it up. Letting go of the button drops the weapon. If it's let go during jump, it gets thrown out.
Active Block tap Right Mousebutton If you tap right mouse button as you're being attacked, you'll perform an active block that will leave your opponent open for a moment.
Judo Throw hold Right Mousebutton If you press and hold right mouse button as you're being attacked, you'll perform a counter throw on your opponent.
Leg Cannon 'LeftMouse' while in the air and near enemy You'll kick with both legs towards the enemy's chest area, launching you towards the sky and your opponent to the ground.
Sweep 'LeftMouse' while crouched Makes the player sweep the feet of enemies.

Alpha Keys

Control Behavior
Respawn characters 'X' Restores all characters to full health and wakes up any "unconscious" ones.
Change to a different character '1' to '6' Changes the playable character into one of six possible characters. The first four are different rabbits, the fifth one is a wolf, the sixth is Rabbot 2.0.
Normal/Active Ragdoll 'Z' Puts all characters into ragdoll mode. At the moment, in Alpha 114, the ragdolls are the world famous Active ragdolls, which try to protect themselves from nearby objects. In previous alphas, Z button put all characters into normal ragdoll mode.
Pain-Animation 'N' Makes the player and A.I fall to the ground in agony until you let go of the button. Added in Alpha 113, may disappear or change in future versions.
Normal Ragdolls 'M' Makes the player and A.I fall to the ground like normal until you let go. This shortcut was added in Alpha 114 and was 'Z' previously. It may be changed back to '>' in a future alpha.
Animal voice Test 'V' Plays a test voice phrase with lip sync. This shortcut was added in Alpha 117 and may disappear or change in future versions.
Activate Agressive A.I 'C' The A.I added with the editor will now attack any hostiles assinged to them.
Bowing 'B' Makes the player bow


Control Behavior
Slo-motion TAB Slows down the whole game.
Speed up '\' Speeds everything up.