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Work in Progress Work in Progress: Comments & Edits Welcome

For starters if you are reading this page it means you either need help or you want to help with the wiki. Yay for you!

We are still very much unorganized, so contributing at this stage is important. I'm actually making all of this up as I go along. You can help decide how things are organized by joining the Wolfire Forums and discussing the crap out of how bad the wiki is and how it should be.

Now, the first step is to log in at the top right corner using your wolfire (does it need to be SPF?) login (if you have an underscore in your handle/alias/name you might have some trouble). Only after logging in can you then begin to contribute to the wiki.

Editing a wiki may seem like a daunting task if you don't know that much about modding, code or wikis, but it really only requires common sense to edit a wiki. No knowledge of code is needed. There are a few basic formatting markers but those are easy to pick up. It's more important to know how to communicate through your words than to code.

Remember the more you help, the easier it becomes for the next person to contribute and learn.

Learning by Example

Any wiki using the standard wiki engine will allow you to see its source, and so it's easy to learn how to create an awesome wiki: all you have to do is look at their code

You can do that by either clicking "Edit"/"Edit this page" or "Source"/"View source".

Useful Examples

This article is a stub. You should help Wolfire by expanding it.

Note: These examples were not picked for any reason apart from being educational resources.


There are many categories already available. Typos will create category. So double check and if you don't see any category that fits ask before creating your own. List of Categories

Here's are some help pages on categorization:


All art that is reposted/posted MUST have permission from it's creator. fan art thread

Please try and fill out the summary with some basic information about your art pieces. Here are the list of Categories that should go first (choose only one):

  • Fan Art (if you took an artistic screenshot label it as fan art)
  • Fan Music
  • Fan Videos
  • Icons
    • Headers
  • Screen Shots must have either a Tutorials (only if the picture has directions in it) or Modding category together with another category for the content of the picture ie Overgrowth, Lugaru, Photoshop, Blender
    Click on me to see an example
    . There is no need to include artsy screen shots either from Wolfire or one you took (and possibly enhanced) yourself. Place those instead into Wolfire Art or Fan Art with the game tagged.
  • Textures (make sure to fill in the summary if you don't plan on writing an article explaining your texture)
  • Wolfire Art (if it's part of a specific Wolfire universe add that after (ie Lugaru, GL Fighters, Overgrowth)
  • Wolfire Music
  • Wolfire Videos

After those three steps comes the last step, going over to either the concept art template or polished art template and adding a link to your photo there.

To include a file in a page, use a link in one of the following forms:

  • [[Image:File.jpg]] to use the full version of the file
  • [[Image:File.png|200px|thumb|left|alt text]] to use a 200 pixel wide rendition in a box in the left margin with 'alt text' as description
  • [[Media:File.ogg]] for directly linking to the file without displaying the file


  • Black Shades
  • GL Fighters
  • Lightning's Shadow
  • Lugaru
  • Overgrowth



  • Characters
    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Rabbits
    • Rats
    • Wolves
  • Weapons (look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_melee_weapons to see where your weapon fits)
    • Blunt weapons
    • Chain weapons
    • Spears
    • Pole weapons
    • Knives
    • Swords and fencing
    • Axes
    • Glove Weapons
    • Improvised Weapons
    • Miscellaneous weapons



Wiki Contributors


Editing a Wiki Page


Wiki Code

This article is a stub. You should help Wolfire by expanding it.

Here is the format that all edit code should start out with:

(note that every <!-- needs a -->, also, the order in which these things appear are suggestions not requirements)

<!--PRIVATE // Only displayed on this page, not transcluded on pages that use this template-->
<!--Categories--> [[Category: Example]]
<!--Constants--> (aka wiki magic words)
Your PRIVATE content should start here

<!--INCLUDED // Not displayed on this page, only transcluded on pages that use this template-->
Your INCLUDED content should start here

PUBLIC // Displayed on this page, and transcluded on pages that use this template
Categories --> 
Your PUBLIC content should start here

Magic Words

This article is a stub. You should help Wolfire by expanding it.


To add links in your page you use:

a link to a website:

[http://www.example.com/ A test page] == A test page

to link to a page:

[[page_name |Page Name]] == Page Name

[[page name]] == page name

[[Equipment and Weapons#Dog Weapons|Dog Weapons]] == Dog Weapons (inside the Equipment and Weapons page)

to link to a category it's important not to forget the colon ':' in front:

[[: category: Wiki Contributors]] == category: Wiki Contributors

you can also link to a special page by:

[[special: Special Page]] == special: Special Page

Content Box

This article is a stub. You should help Wolfire by expanding it.
Contents are 'organized' by adding:

=={4}(actually no idea what this should be)==
  • There is still no wolfire wiki convention yet to how you should organize your page. When it happens, though, please stick to the convention.


This Wiki makes extensive use of templates. Templates allow you to re-use Wiki code and allow for easy editing.

Example One

For instance:



Work in Progress Work in Progress: Comments & Edits Welcome

In Category:Improvement Needed Templates there are a list of improvement templates. Open them up and see how they work. It will help you with understanding how to write you own.

Example Two

The to-do list template
{{Wolfire Wiki To Do}}
adds this: *REMOVED* (messes with the content browser)

Special Pages

This article is a stub. You should help Wolfire by expanding it.

  • How can I limit the amount of content I want to show (ie only 15 recent changes or the most recent change per person)? - Conner36
{{Special:RecentChanges}} Adds the contents from the special page. 
Be careful not to leave any spaces between the words.

Next Phase

Now goto to the Category: Wiki Contributors page and see whats happening with the wiki.