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== Lugaru won't start (Linux) ==
The older versions of Lugaru are not compatible with new Linux distributions so check that you have the newest version of Lugaru. If it still doesn't work, make sure the resolution is set to either 1280x1024, 1024x768 or 800x600: you can modify this outside of the game by editing the config.txt file found by default in ~/.lugaru/Data. Since this is a hidden folder you will have to toggle "show hidden files/folder" in "View".
NB: there is also a config.txt file in ~/lugaru/Data but editing this one will not change the game settings.
== Lugaru crashes before I can play ==
If this is a recent development, your "Users" or "config.txt" files may have gotten corrupted.  You can find them and delete them in your Data folder, located in the Lugaru folder.  Unfortunately, this will delete your progress and settings.  If that still does not fix the problem, you may have to delete Lugaru and reinstall it.
If you are using an ATI graphics card and have never been able to run Lugaru, make sure you upgrade to the latest version.  There was a glitch that prevented Lugaru from working in an older version.  There is a patch available [http://www.wolfiles.com/LugaruFix.zip here].
== Lugaru is running slowly ==
*Make sure it is at lowest detail in the options setting.  Turn down the resolution to 640x480, turn off the blood, decals, etc.  If you really want to be thorough, open up Lugaru's config.txt file in the Data folder and set
Of these, blood, resolution and decals are probably the most important.
If you are using Windows
*Close other programs.
*Press control-alt-delete and go to the performance tab.  Make sure that no hidden processes are using up all of your RAM or processing power.
If you are using Mac OS 9 (Classic)
*File sharing should not be starting up.
*A CD should not be mounting.
*Turn off virtual memory (if textures are not broken.)
If you are using Mac OS X
*Other applications should not be open.
*Setting blood to 2 can cause a significant decrease in fps under Mac OS X.
== My textures are white ==
If you are using Mac OS 9 (Classic), increase virtual memory.  You probably aren't giving OpenGL enough RAM (OpenGL uses unused RAM; do not increase Lugaru's preferred memory size.)
== There is flickering or pausing ==
* Turn off motion blur in the options menu.
* Close other applications that may be overwriting the screen buffer. Applications with popup dialogs, such as those below, are known to cause this.
** MSN Messenger
** Outlook 2002/XP
** Some Mozilla Firefox extensions
== Lugaru does not respond to the keyboard ==
On OS X, restart your computer. Sometimes keyboard support for carbon applications randomly dies.
== Lugaru quits unexpectedly ==
Try setting blood to 1 in the options menu, if it is set to 2.
== It is difficult to look around ==
If you are using a laptop, turn off the control panel setting that ignores accidental trackpad movement.
== Lugaru does not respond to the keyboard ==
On OS X, restart your computer. Sometimes keyboard support for carbon applications randomly dies.
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