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This is a tutorial about how to modify the current character rig in Overgrowth to fit to a custom character. I will use my bear clan character (preorder forum access required) project to base this tutorial on. It features a very tall, big and proportionally odd character compared to the ones already existing in the game, and with any luck we'll be able to teach you how to make such a character work.

This tutorial uses the "wolfrig2.blender" file provided from alpha build 188 to create the bear's skeleton. If you want to create a character with more human proportions, you'll want to use the file "rabbit_rig.blend" instead. But the same stages should apply to both.


Before we start, there are a few things you need before you continue.

1.) A copy of Overgrowth (this tutorial assumes you've updated the game to at least alpha build 188).

2.) The Blender project files found at "Overgrowth\Data\Blend files\wolfrig2.blend" (OR "rabbit_rig.blend") which is provided to you in your copy of the game.

3.) Download and install Blender 2.55 Beta, 32-bit version. Do NOT use any other version, or the plugins won't work. You can however install many versions of Blender on the same computer if you want to use the latest version for making the model or similar.

4.) Get the Phoenix-bone and animation plugin provided to you in your copy of the game and put it in your Blender 2.55 Beta installation:

    4.1.) Copy the folders "io_phxbn" and "io_anm" found in "Overgrowth\Data\BlenderScript\addons\".

    4.2.) Paste the folders into your Blender 2.55 Beta install at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Blender Foundation\blender-2.55-beta-windows32\2.55\scripts\addons"

5.) Google awareness. Blender is not a particularly easy-to-understand program at a first glance, so if you encounter any difficulties (and you probably will), you'll find plenty of help on the internet.