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Concept art of a cat.

Many cats are self-styled rulers who command over hired "muscle" and slaves. Their kin make up their dukes, who command forces made up mostly of dogs. The closest bodyguards are dogs raised from pups, and they are completely loyal to their cat masters.


A description of major events in Cat history.


This section will describe Cat cultural practices and common beliefs.


Cats are a very noble, and self obsessed race. This attitude is carried by most cats on an individual level, as well as in the structure and nature of their governments, organizations, family structures, and the execution of their political relations. Cat nations can be found widely spread over most areas, with each hold using a distinctive color pattern to vainly distinguish itself from neighboring holds. These color schemes are not merely a pretty selection of colors, but rather, their design and coloration symbolically represent the characteristics and values held by the cats who live under that banner, and it serves as a pledge for, broadly, how they will interact with their neighbors, and what they will do to sustain the nobility of the feline race.

The leaders of cat holds are typically elected, following a trial of charisma and cunning, and the leaders of other cat-lead organizations tend to be selected for similar reasons. A cat's appearance, strength of character, wit, and force of personality are often considered representative of their value and ability; as such, leaders are expected to have all of these traits. During a selection process whereby a leader is to be chosen from a pool of qualified cats, there is typically an organized event featuring a combination of pageantry and presentation, oration, and debate among the candidates, comparatively - and often competitively - showcasing their charisma and mental acuity. If no adequate candidate is deemed fit, then the entire process is repeated until one is found. This process tends to be quite lengthy - often lasting for months at a time, and with the election process being conducted every 13 moon cycles (about two years). Election as a leader over others is a significant honor for an individual, and gives a great boon to the position of their family within their society.

Minor political disputes and disagreements are commonly resolved using similar methods to the aforementioned selection process, with a series of public presentations, orations, and debate, and sometimes even the use of puzzles to demonstrate intellect, until public opinion, or cats of higher position declare their support for a victor. What might start as a minor dispute may also escalate quickly, however, as even the lowliest of cats can possess an immense sense of self-pride that may easily lead them to arrogance or overconfidence, and places at high risk of offending another. If a cat feels personally attacked - their public image or honor sullied, it may elevate to a physical confrontation, where fighting ability decides the victor. Cats of wealthy houses may use surrogates to fight in their stead, as well; this, of course, does not truly resolve issues for long, as overly-proud rivals do not soon forget or forgive a slight.



Cats are very noble species, who do not often like to get their hands dirty. This character trait affects their traditional fighting style, making them inclined towards armed combat, specifically preferring the use of fencing swords and tapered knives. This greatly improves their medium to close ranged combat effectiveness over unarmed opponents, but places them at a great disadvantage when without armament, as they are so reliant upon it. Cats' traditional fighting style with the sword would be very similar to that of a fencer or trained swordsman, preferring skill and precision in the use of their weapons, over brute strength. This fighting style is perfectly captured by the concept art seen in the top right hand side of the page.

Famous battles

During the Mannow War, the Cat general Ansandi was nearly assassinated by Fendalin, a member of the Suteran.


The cats have a strong religious attachment towards their religious deity, the Sphinx.

Notable Cats