Configuring Overgrowth

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Overgrowth does not provide a way to adjust settings in game, but users can set these up by changing the values in

config.txt. config.txt is located in the Data folder ((for Mac users) ~/Library/Application Support/Lugaru

2/Data/ (and for windows users their config.txt is located under My Documents\Wolfire\Overgrowth\Data) and its a

plain text file that can be edited with any text editor.


screenwidth: 800 - a basic seting for scteen width

screenheight: 600 - a basic seting for scteen height

fullscreen: false - this is the line you need to change to fullscreen: true to get Overgrowth run on fullscreen mode

vsync: false

multisample: 0

anisotropy: 0

post_effects: false

shaders: true

texture_reduce: 1

gamma_correct: true

fps_label: false - set this line to fps_label: true to see your fps in game

sound_label: true

visible_raycasts: false

visible_sound_spheres: false

editor_mode: false - set this line to true to enter into level editor each time you enter into newly loaded level

invert_y_look: false

music: false - set this line to false to mute background music

key[quit]: esc

key[slow]: tab

key[fast]: \

key[crouch]: lshift

key[jump]: space

key[screenshot]: f7

key[console]: `

key[left]: a

key[right]: d

key[up]: w

key[down]: s

key[chat]: t

key[rclick]: rshift - - set this line to key[rclick]: e if u are working with apple mightymouse, this should solve problems with clicking right and left mouse button in same time. so your mouse right button functions go under key "e"