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This control reference page is a comprehensive list of all actions available in the Overgrowth alpha. The main goal of this page is to detail all main functions and discrete maneuvers that can be executed. For editor controls, check the editor interface page. Please review this page with each alpha release.

Player Controls

These functions are used when controlling a Player Character.

'Cmd' refers to the '⌘' key on Macs, and the 'Ctrl' key on PCs.

Character Movement

Action Control Behavior
Forward W Moves player forward.
Backward S Moves player backward.
Left A Moves player left.
Right D Moves player right.
Crouch Shift Makes player crouch.
Roll Shift while Moving Makes player roll along the ground, somersault while airborne, and regain control of its body when 'ragdolled.'
Jump Space Makes player jump. Hold longer to jump higher.
Wall Jump Space or Shift Player jumps (space) or somersaults (shift) away from the wall.
Wall Run Hold space while running on a wall Player runs up a wall when coming at it straight on; runs along a wall if coming at it from an angle.
Ledge Grab Hold right Mousebutton Makes player grab horizontal ledges. Using the A and D keys will shimmy along the wall and even around corners. Using W will cause the character to pull himself up the ledge and releasing RMB allows the character to drop back to the ground. Note: The character must have free hands to ledge grab (e.g. weapons that cannot be sheathed will block ledge grabs)
Pick Up a Weapon/Item Hold Q If close to a weapon or item, picks it up. Note: The character has a slight animation that must complete before you can release the Q key and still hold on to the weapon. Note 2: Weapons can even be picked up while rolling provided the character is close enough.
Drop a Weapon/Item Press Shift + Q while looking down Drops weapon. Note: Character must be on the ground to drop weapons or items, and dropping applies to contents of both hands.
Sheathe/Unsheathe a Weapon/Item Press or hold E Sheathes or draws items or weapons. Note: Only one-handed weapons can be sheathed.


Attack and Defense

Note: You need a live and hostile character less than around one meter away from you in order to be able to attack.

Action Control Behavior
Punch/Kick Left mouse button Context sensitive. Depends on whether or not the character is in motion and their distance. Exact attack may change depending on the controlled character.
Throw a Weapon Press Q If close to an enemy, the weapon will be thrown. Larger weapons are less accurate; Knives and spears work best. If the enemy has detected you, he may catch and use the weapon.
Slash (While holding weapon) Left mouse button Makes the player attack with a weapon in the hands.
Active Block Right mouse button If you tap right mouse button as you're being attacked, you'll perform an active block that will leave your opponent open for a moment.
Active Dodge Movement Keys If you move in a direction as you're being attacked, you'll perform an active dodge that will work against weapons while unarmed.
Judo Throw Hold right mouse button If you press and hold right mouse button as you're being attacked, you'll perform a counter throw on your opponent, in a136 this was changed to only be possible after a successful active block.
Choke Hold Hold right mouse button Choke holds are only possible if an enemy has not yet detected your presence. From a choke hold you can render the enemy unconscious with your hands, cut their throat with a weapon, or move them a short distance.
Throat Cut (While in choke hold) Press Left mouse button Quickly cuts the throat of enemy in choke hold.
Leg Cannon (While airborne) Left mouse button You'll kick with both legs towards the enemy's chest area, launching you towards the sky and your opponent to the ground.
Sweep (While crouching) Left mouse button Makes the player sweep the feet of enemies.
Tech Tap Right Mouse Button as you are about to hit the ground When you are about to hit the ground, recover quickly .

Alpha Keys

Action Control Behavior
Restore characters X Restores all characters to full health, wakes up any "unconscious" ones, and removes all blood from the environment.
Reload Level L Restart the current level from the beginning.
Change character 1 to 8 Changes the playable character into one of seven possible characters. The first two are different rabbits, the third one is a cat, the fourth is a rat, the fifth is a wolf, the sixth is a dog, and the seventh is Rabbot 2.0.
Active ragdoll Z Puts all characters into ragdoll mode. At the moment, in Alpha 114, the ragdolls are the world famous Active ragdolls, which try to protect themselves from nearby objects. In previous alphas, Z button put all characters into normal ragdoll mode.
Pain ragdoll N Makes the player and A.I fall to the ground in agony until you let go of the button. Added in Alpha 113, may disappear or change in future versions.
Floppy ragdoll M Makes the player and A.I fall to the ground like normal until you let go. This shortcut was added in Alpha 114 and was 'Z' previously. It may be changed back to '>' in a future alpha.
Animal voice Test V Plays a test voice phrase with lip sync. This shortcut was added in Alpha 117 and may disappear or change in future versions.
Combat mode toggle C The A.I added with the editor will now attack any hostiles assigned to them.
Neck Wound , The player suffers from a neck wound with blood gushing from it. Added in alpha 128 and may disappear in future versions. (press X or L to get up again)
Slo-Motion Tab Slows down the whole game.
Freeze Scene Double-tap Tab Freezes the game scene. Note: The game must be unfrozen to change between controlling the player and editor mode.
Insta-kill F Instantly kills nearby enemies with a death ray.