Custom Decals

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Decal blood plats
Decal blood splats

Decals are textures which can be mapped to environment objects & terrain. Their main use is adding detail and variation to the scenery. Blood splats, ambient shadows and footprints use them too.


To create a custom decal, the following files are needed:

  • XML File - What you select when loading the decal
  • ColorMap - The texture for the decal
  • NormalMap - Has normal information for the decal

XML File

This file is what you load in the engine to make the decal show up. It links to a color texture and a normal texture that make up the decal. To avoid issues we recommend using .tga as texture format, though .png works most of the time as well.

<?xml version="2.0" ?>
Tag Example use Description
ColorMap <ColorMap>Data/Textures/MyColorMap.tga</ColorMap> path to the color texture file (.tga, .tif or .png)
NormalMap <NormalMap>Data/Textures/MyNormalMap.tga</NormalMap> Path to the normal map texture file (.tga, .tif or .png)
ShaderName <ShaderName>decal</ShaderName> Name of shader to use from ../Overgrowth/Data/GLSL/ (.frag and .vert)


Can be created with any image manipulation program. Should have sidelengths of a power of two pixels (e.g. 512px x 512px), else an error will appear.


Can be created with any image manipulation program. It's dimensions must be of a power of two pixels (e.g. 512px x 512px).