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Ordering Overgrowth

After ordering Overgrowth on Steam, through Humble Bundle, or through Wolfire directly, you can access the Secret Preorder Forums (referred to as SPF). In order to read and post to the SPF, you will need to log into your Wolfire forum account. If you don't have one already, you can register there. Then, follow the link given in your pre-order email, and type your nickname to get access to the SPF.

The SPF is also a place where the Overgrowth community can gather to discuss all aspects of the game with others who have purchased the game, as well as ask questions to the Wolfire team. Wolfire also has a dedicated Discord server. Participate and join us in the conversation!

Steam users can follow this guide to getting access to the Preorder Forums:

Downloading Overgrowth

After purchasing Overgrowth and linking a forum account, access to the Secret Preorder Forum becomes available.

On the SPF, there are multiple download options available - a direct download, torrent download, and a "differences" download, which can be used to update a previously installed alpha.

Additionally, once at least one full alpha installation has been performed, the community-made SUMLauncher may be used for updates (requires a Java Runtime Environment)

Running Overgrowth

Upon opening the game, you will be greeting with a menu screen. There is a side-scrolling list of levels from which to choose. Clicking on a thumbnail causes the level to load. If you need to change settings such as the games resolution or anti-aliasing, please refer to Configuring Overgrowth.

For help controlling your character, see Player Controls.

If you wish to try community-created content for the game, you can either get and install the files manually, or use SUMLauncher

Reporting Bugs

In order to help develop patches, fixes, and improvements, you can report bugs to Wolfire via email at [email protected]

Your email should contain the following:

  • The Overgrowth Version in which the problem was encountered
  • Your system setup (Hardware, OS, etc.)
  • A Brief explanation of the problem
  • Actions performed, step by step, which led up to encountering the problem
  • Expected and Actual Results
  • Helpful Attachments (screenshots, videos, crash reports, etc.)

Refer to this webpage for tips on how to write a quality bug report.