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Downloading the Game

After preordering Overgrowth and linking a forum account, access to the Secret Preorder Forum becomes available. Each week, the alpha build is posted as a stickied topic with a title of the form: "Unofficial Overgrowth a###, weekly build".

There are multiple download options available - a direct download, torrent download, and a "differences" download, which can be used to update a previously installed alpha.

Additionally, once at least one full alpha installation has been performed, the community-made SUMLauncher may be used for updates (requires a Java Runtime Environment)

Running the Game

Upon opening the game, you will be greeting with a menu screen. There is a side-scrolling list of levels from which to choose. Clicking on a thumbnail causes the level to load. If you need to change settings such as the games resolution or anti-aliasing, please refer to Configuring Overgrowth.

For help controlling your character, see Player Controls.

Reporting Bugs

Overgrowth is currently in Alpha, and as such, features may be buggy, incomplete, non-functional, or otherwise broken. In order to help with development, you can report bugs to Wolfire via email at [email protected]

Your email should contain the following:

  • The Alpha Version in which the problem was encountered
  • Your system setup (Hardware, OS, etc.)
  • A Brief explanation of the problem
  • Actions performed, step by step, which led up to encountering the problem
  • Expected and Actual Results
  • Attachments (screenshots, crash reports, etc.)

Refer to this webpage for tips on how to write a quality bug report.