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Buying Overgrowth

Overgrowth can be purchased from Humble Bundle or from Steam. You will get both a Steam copy and a Humble Bundle copy regardless of if you get it from Steam or Humble Bundle. If you get it from Humble Bundle you also get the games Receiver and Low Light Combat, two game jam games created by Wolfire.

If you have difficulties or issues regarding recovering an already purchased game license, or are having issues purchasing the game, you can contact a representative of Wolfire at [email protected]

Accessing the Secret Preorder Forums

After purchase you can gain access Overgrowth's Secret Preorder Forums (aka SPF). To gain access, follow this guide.

The SPF is a place where the Overgrowth community can gather to discuss all aspects of the game with others who have purchased the game, as well as ask questions to the Wolfire team. Wolfire also has a public Discord server. Join the conversation!

Playing Overgrowth

For help controlling your character and learning basic combat commands, see Player Controls.

If you wish to try community-created content for the game, you can visit the Steam workshop, download and install the files manually from the SPF, or use the community created tool SUMLauncher.

Reporting Issues

If you encounter any errors, bugs, or other problems while installing or running Overgrowth, you can file a report to the Wolfire team via email at [email protected]. This way they are made aware of the issue, and can work to find a solution for it.

Your email should contain the following:

  • The Overgrowth version in which the problem was encountered
  • Your system setup (Hardware, OS, etc.)
  • A Brief explanation of the problem
  • Actions performed, step by step, which led up to encountering the problem
  • Expected and Actual Results
  • Any helpful Attachments (screenshots, videos, crash reports, etc.)

Refer to this webpage for tips on how to write a quality bug report.