How to make your own models for Overgrowth

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This is a complete beginner's guide for making your own models for Overgrowth.

  • This guide assumes basic knowledge of 3D programs. Beginner guides are listed below in the reference section for getting more acquainted with some of the applications that this guide uses.
  • This guide will include sections to explain concepts to beginners. If you are knowledgeable in computer graphics concepts feel free to skip these sections.
  • Please keep in mind that these are just guidelines to help guide you, not rules set in stone.

Disclaimer: It is possible, if not expected, that as development on Overgrowth continues, parts of this guide will become obsolete or won't work anymore. If you find this to be the case please contact me - Jo-Shadow


You need the following if you want to enjoy this guide in full:

  • A Copy of Overgrowth
    • As of the writing of this tutorial you should be using Alpha 57 or later
    • Please download the latest version on the SPF
  • A 3D Modeling Program with simple UV mapping capabilities.
    • This guide mostly uses Wings 3D, a free, open source, cross platform subdivision modeler. With its simple interface and easy learning curve it is perfect for beginners.
    • This guide occasionally uses Blender 3D, which is also free, open source, and cross platform. Blender is much more feature-packed but also has a very steep learning curve.
    • Most other 3d modeling programs should work just as well.
  • An Image Editor.
    • This guide uses Adobe Photoshop. Though it is not free, you can download a free 30 day trial.
    • An alternative is Gimp, which is free, open source, and cross platform.
  • A text editor
    • Any will do, Textedit for Mac, Notepad for Windows, etc.


Here are some useful links that you might want to look at to get aquainted with the programs that this guide will use, courtesy of Wiki books.

Getting Started with Wings 3D

It is advised, but not necessary, that you first take a look at the Wings3D manual (see References section) to help you become comfortable with its interface. It contains some very quick and easy tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know for this tutorial and then some.

Here are some quick Wings3D basics:

  • Go into Edit->Preferences
    • Check Force Axis-Aligned Ortho. This will make editing along an axis easier.
    • Single-Button Mac users should in the Camera Tab select The One button control mode.
  • Change between Vertex, Edge and Face and Object mode by pressing the buttons on the top bar or the keystrokes: V, E, F and B respectively
  • Select stuff by clicking on it.
  • Deselect with space
  • Focus the view on what you have selected by pressing A
  • Reset the view with R
  • Right clicking (Control+click will from now on by implied for macs as right click) brings up a context-dependent drop-down menu. Its contents changes depending on what you have selected. This is where most of the features we will use are located.
  • For most of the keyboard shortcuts look under Help->Defined Hotkeys

So without further ado, let's Begin

Creating a 3D model