Lugaru Level 04

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Time Route

Run slightly to the left then head towards the first block. Bullseye the bunny passing left to right, roll over the body and grab the knife.

Head to the corner and turn left around the block, then left again between the blocks. Turn right at the corner, run up behind the bunny ahead and Bullseye him. Roll over the body and grab the sword.

Turn around and head towards the wolf, stopping between the middle blocks (too far and the bunny with the staff will see you too soon, or the wolf will tackle you). Leg sweep and slash or stab the wolf to death, run at the last bunny coming towards you and use the sword to slash him to death, or knock the staff out of his hand (or Staff Disarm him). Grab the staff and clobber him (watch out for Staff Disarm).

Optimal time: 25 seconds

Shorter Time Route

Start as above, but don't bother to grab the knife. Head right around the block, left to the corner and left between the blocks.

About 3/4 of the way down, turn right and jump to the top of the block. Run along the left edge to the corner and drop down behind the bunny. Spinecrush him, roll over the body and grab the sword.

Leap toward the wolf coming at you and run at him until he runs towards you. Stop before he tackles you. Slash him twice and run to the corner and turn right.

Circle quickly to the bunny's left and slash twice.

Alternate ending: After killing the wolf, turn right, climb up on the block, cut across on the diagonal, drop down behind the bunny and Backstab!

Optimal time: 22 seconds