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== Time Route ==
''Without Combat''
Run to the side of the block with the brown bunny passing below. Jump down, turn right and run to the edge of the rocks. Crouch and let all three bunnies jump over you to their death.
Optimal Time: 12 seconds
''With Combat''
Turn around and run to the back of the block, jump down and turn left, run and turn left at the corner, run to the next corner, turn left, pass the brown bunny at speed and Cannon Leg the white bunny into the ledge.
Rebound over the brown bunny, Cannon Leg him into the ledge, grab his knife, turn around and nail the last bunny as he rounds the block towards you.
Optimal Time: 20 seconds
== Short Time Route ==
Run to the right by the brown rabbit, and make sure the white rabbit sees you. Roundhouse kick the brown rabbit into the white rabbit, killing the brown one, and throw the knife at the fallen white one to finish it off. Take the knife again and throw it at the blue one.
Optimal Time: 8 seconds
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