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Time Route

Run to the corner of the nearest block, look right and wait for the green bunny to come out and turn away from you. Leap and land directly behind and Spinecrush him.

Kick the body between the two blocks on your left and crouch behind it, waiting for another bunny to approach. Drop kick the body into him, and immediately move up and repeat with the next bunny. A third one should approach soon; kick a body into him and immediately move past the nearest dead body and turn around; the red bunny is coming around the corner behind you. Kick a body into him and again turn around to await the final two bunnies.

Drop kick twice and it's over.

Optimal time: under a minute.

Running Rampage Route

Run forward to the left corner of the block in front of you. As you approach, leap and flip to clear the edges of the block, landing past the dark grey bunny and behind the blue bunny. Spinecrush him, and turn up the path between the blocks to your left with the grey and red bunnies in hot pursuit. Turn left at the corner and run up behind the next bunny and SC him. Turn left and try to Cannon Leg the next bunny into the block in front of him as he turns left. This can be very difficult unless you're very fast; he'll probably already be alerted by the body of the dead blue bunny.

Turn left and race to the next corner; turn right, then left and left again. The green bunny should be ahead, unaware of your pursuit. SC him and take off with the three or four remaining bunnies on your tail. The dark grey shirtless one is the fastest and strongest; unless you lose him, you won't have many opportunities to attack.

The hard finish is to avoid leaping onto blocks (to escape and await attack from below) and just keep running. Weave in and out among the blocks and hope to get enough distance ahead to turn and kick a body into your pursuers, or come up behind for a Cannon Leg or a Solid Hit with a spinning kick. You can also try to get enough distance ahead to turn and try a head-on Cannon Leg/Nice Aim or Touch of Death combo. Keep it up until you or they are dead.

High Score Route

Start as in Running Rampage, but use a Cannon Leg on the second bunny; rebound behind your pursuers (grey and red) and CL one into the other for Nice Aim. If you don't rebound far enough, follow the one you kicked (now with three bunnies on your tale) and Cannon Leg him again if he runs back to the fray for a Nice Aim, or Tackle him for a kill if he's running for help. Escape your pursuers, head for the green bunny's back, SC him, and leap up on your favorite block and hope for lots of combos as multiple bunnies leap on to the edge of the block to get you. Crouch and keep your finger on the attack button and you may get 5 hits in a row for a Mega-Combo, but watch out for bunnies landing behind you or climbing up the other side.

Optimal Score: 2,000 to 3,000

Highest Scoring Route

Start as in the High Score Route, but after the CLing the 2nd bunny, turn and jump up on the block you just passed (the single block to your right). Stand or crouch at one of the corners and kick the attackers off as they jump up at you. Keep it up until they're all dead. With careful footwork and planning, and a little luck, you'll get multiple Megas and rack up a nice score.

Optimal Score: 5,000 to 6,000