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== Time Route ==
Run up behind the red bunny ahead of you and Spine Crush him, grabbing the staff before it hits the ground. (Don't run through the tree branches or he'll hear you coming.) Turn right and run toward the bunny in white on the hill ahead of you.
Stay just to the left of the vein of rock in the grass on the slope and keep moving, but don't keep your finger on the attack button: wait until you're even with him and he's moving towards you, and swing while still in motion so you get a horizontal strike for a kill.
Immediately turn left and run to the left of the block ahead. As you top the small rise at the base of the tree, leap up and to the right, grab the back edge of the block, and pull yourself up to surprise the bunny on top. Kill him and turn right and run and leap to the block below where another bunny is patrolling.
Depending on the timing, he'll either be turned away for an easy kill (although you might break your staff: don't forget to grab his if you do) or he'll see you coming and roll off the block towards you. Either way, immediately turn left and run up behind the green bunny, killing him with a horizontal stroke. If the other bunny is in pursuit, circle to your right quickly and take him in the head with another horizontal stroke.
If you miss, roll forward and run at the block ahead, jump and wall kick back over his head and kill him while he wonders where you went.
Optimal time: 15 seconds
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