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== Time Route ==
- Run towards the fire, passing to the right of the large tree. Take the bunny to the right of the fire with a Spinecrusher, then immediately crouch behind his body and wait for the bunny on the other side of the fire to come after you.
- As he approaches, drop-kick the body into him for a Nice Aim. DK both bodies through the fire; the flaming corpses may come in handy.
- Circle right, then left to come up behind the unarmed patrolling bunny. SC him and make for the last (armed) bunny ahead.
- This one's more alert (watch for him to stop and drop his ears slightly), so SC probably won't work. Cannon Leg might, though; let him have one, and grab his knife if you can. When he comes back at you, either Bullseye him with the knife, CL him again, or take him on mano a mano (or conejo a conejo).
If you miss any of your kills and end up in a rabbit-race with foes following, weave in and out of the fire and the flaming former foes' crispy corpses. The remainder of the mob will foolishly flambé themselves soon enough.
Optimal time: 27 seconds
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