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== Time Route ==
Wait a couple seconds until the bunny on the right starts to turn the corner of the right hand block. Run down the hill and Cannon Leg him into the block, grabbing his sword at the same time.
Turn left and head right around the corner of the block; the other bunny should be coming towards you. Circle quickly to his left and slash him down. One should do it.
Leap to the right of block on your left, landing close to the far corner of the next block; turn right to confront the next bunny. Circle and slash.
Run forward to meet the last bunny and kill him as above. He may take two slashes.
Optimal time: 21 seconds
== Shorter Time Route ==
Run up the hill to your left, turn at the top and run back down to Cannon Leg the first bunny closer to the corner while grabbing his sword. This lets you rebound back beyond the corner while the second bunny pursues, giving you a few seconds advantage in killing him.
Finish as above for a an optimal time of 13 seconds.

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