Lugaru Level 12

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Time Route

Leap down from the hill to the valley below where two bunnies and a wolf are patrolling. Land in front of the trees and immediately back-dodge away; one of the bunnies should be pursuing. Turn and rabbit-run up the hill, drawing your knife as you angle toward the slightly higher slope on the right. When you arrive at the flat spot at the top behind the tree, turn, Bullesye the bunny and retrieve your knife.

Leap back down the hill and repeat the back-dodge and rabbit run. The other bunny is better at knife avoidance, so you may need to Reversal-disarm and Bullseye him as he gets up. Make sure you get both knives after killing him.

Leap down the hill again and engage the wolf, using leg sweeps, follow-up kicks and judicious knife flinging to get your Wolfslayer bonus. Don’t move too close to the blocks or you’ll attract one of the other patrollers. Retrieve your knives and move back toward the hill, keeping an eye on the blocks for patrollers.

Wait on the hill well away from the blocks until another foe turns the corner and starts along the side near the trees where you killed the first wolf. Make sure there’s no one following too close, run up behind and Bullseye. Try to stay out of the areas between the blocks; you can follow for a kill if you know where the others are, but if you’re careless you’ll alert another patroller. Retrieve your knife, but if the dead foe had the staff, take that instead.

Run back up the hill where you killed the first bunny, turn right and move to the taller slope overlooking the four blocks. If you’ve got the staff drop it where you can find it (don’t risk breaking it on a bunny; you’ll want to save it for a quick kill on the the last wolf) and wait until the next bunny comes past on his rounds. Again make sure he’s alone, race down and Bullseye from behind. Get your weapon and move back up the hill.

Repeat with the remaining bunny, trying to catch him from behind before he gets too close to your last kill; having you and a dead body in close proximity alerts them to danger and they start to scurry around looking for trouble.

Get your staff and wait at the base of the hill for the wolf, or leap from above to land near him. Use a leg sweep to knock him down and nail him with the staff to finish the level.

Optimal time: less than 3 minutes

Shorter Time Route

Long-jump right behind the lone tree on your right, and climb the hill facing you. You should see a wolf patrolling below. After a couple seconds he crosses path with a rabbit; immediatly jump behind him, and spinecrush. Disarm the bunny you saw from the hill, and bullseye as he gets up. Repeat with the second rabbit.

Roll toward the blocks, so that the black rabbit on your left does not notice you. Stalk him, spinecrush. Run in between the blocks towards the other end to face two rabbits; the right one has a staff. Wall kicks should be the quickest way to dispose of them, along with a couple combos if necessary. Note that you can use the staff a few times, as you will only need two blows out of it for the remaining wolf.

Now run along the block in the direction the rabbit you've just killed was coming from (the one with a knife). You should spot the last wolf around the corner on your left. Run towards him, attack button pressed, and strike again once he's lying on the ground.

Near-optimal time : 45 seconds