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== Time Route ==
Run down the hill just to the right of the tree in front of you. When you get to the bush, leap down to land on the rock behind the wolf and Spinecrush him. Immediately rabbit-run up the dune you came from, passing to the right of the tree. One rabbit should be in pursuit.
Get onto the flat area at the top, staying near the crest on the right. Turn and engage the armed bunny; Reversal-disarm and Bullseye (it takes more than one knife to kill him), Cannonleg or just wade in. Stay close; if you injure him, he’ll get up and run towards the two wolves circling the rocks below. Follow and tackle for a kill.
Retrieve the knife and head back towards the dead wolf. Leaping is faster, but make sure the bunny circling the rock is past the body before you get close or he’ll get excited and look for you. If possible, Bullseye him from behind, then follow up for the kill; he’s wearing armor and one knife won’t kill him. When you finish, get the other knife, too.
Move up the hill with the trees and sunken blocks and then down towards the single bunny pacing on the block below. Leap down for a Death From Above, then follow up and finish him, but watch out for his staff. If you Reversal-disarm him, try not to use it on him; it won’t last too long, and it will come in handy when you face the last two wolves.
You may want to leave the staff where you can find it and go after the first wolf with two knives. Approach the rocks they’re circling until you attract one, back-dodge until you’re clear of the other, leg-sweep, follow-up kick and Bullesye him for a Wolfslayer.
Get the staff, engage the last wolf, leg sweep, kick and bludgeon him into oblivion.
Optimal time: less than 2 minutes.
== Shorter Time Route ==
Run towards the wolf below, passing left of the bush. Jump, spinecrush. Jump away with a flip to stun the dark bunny, so that the white one (who should be running towards you) can draw level with him. Now the risky part : leg-cannon them. It may be unreliable and thus sound somewhat cheap, but finishing this level below 50 seconds is difficult enough as is. Besides, it really works quite well once you get the hang of it. Instead of complaining, finish off the survivor, if any, by a simple combo - he should be busy catching his breath. Pick up a knife (while rolling), stow it away, run and long-jump towards the bunny with a staff. Disarm, and try to beat him quickly without damaging your staff for more than one strike.
Jump a few steps behind the closest wolf on your left from behind, strike him while running, and finish him off with one more strike. Other wolf should be close. Pound and beat him to death with your staff. If it breaks, dispatch him with a quick combo as he gets up, before he can recover - he should be very close to death anyway.
Near-optimal time : 40 seconds

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