Overgrowth Game Suggestions FAQ

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Want to suggest something for Overgrowth? This is the page for you!

Is this game still being updated?

You bet!

Do devs read the forums?

Constantly. We also sometimes reply when it seems fruitful, or when we might be able to shed light on things.

How do I suggest a new feature or a change to the game?

Please email requests (one at a time) to [email protected]

Title the email the so you could find it 6 months later in a pile of 10,000 similar emails. Make the title as specific and short as you can. Try to be concise with the body too, so we can read it in 30s or less.

Bad titles: "Suggestions for Overgrowth" (too vague), "Pls nerf leg cannon" (not specific enough), "Hello" (pointless), "Halp".

Good titles: "Add stamp-collecting game mode", "Suggestion: support Klingon language", "Make it easier to <do specific thing> in editor", "Bad perf in level <xyz> in 2nd encounter", "Add support for Google Home" (no, but at least the title is right!).

Will you ever add <xyz feature>? When?


Maybe someday. It's hard to do, but it would be very cool. Also see the Overgrowth Multiplayer Mod.

Dismemberment/gibbing/moar blood

Maybe someday. It's not a high priority compared to other things we are working on right now. If you want help modding it in yourself, we're happy to help you figure it out. If not, then please be patient. Once we get through the list of must-have stuff, then we might get to this.

Something we said we are working on now

In the next patch. See below for when the next release is, and how to try things out early.

Anything else

Our wishlist and your wishlist stretches past the moon, and we have only a few people working on the game at this time. We are happy to talk about what we're currently working on and give rough estimates of when we might get them done. We don't promise specific timeframes, because we like to actually have weekends with our families and sleep at least 6 hours a night. However, you're free to suggest anything! See the instructions above.

When is the next release?

When it is ready. We try to make them take less than 3 months, and usually try to bite off a 1-month chunk at a time. This usually turns into 2 months, because releases take a long time.

If you want to try out new things early, then you can switch to the internal_testing branch (or advanced_testing, if the patch is close). Game library -> Right click on Overgrowth -> Properties -> Betas tab -> switch from "NONE" to "internal_testing" -> click OK -> wait for the update to finish installing.

Warning: internal_testing is our nightly automatic build, and we can't test it all the time. It can often be unstable. It also won't work with many of the scripting mods. Use at your own risk, and please report bugs using the "tech support" instructions above!