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'Cmd' refers to the '⌘' key on Macs, and the 'Ctrl' key on PCs. Add here when new alpha specific things are added: thank you!

Character Movement

Control Behavior
Forward 'w' Moves player forward.
Backward 's' Moves player backward.
Left 'a' Moves player left.
Right 'd' Moves player right.
Crouch shift Makes player crouch, roll while moving.
Jump Space Makes player jump.

Basic Attacks

Make it a game to land as many legcannons as you can before touching the ground again!
Control Behavior
Punch/Kick Left Mousebutton Punch and kick depending on if you stand still or move in a certain direction.
Judo Throw Right Mousebutton Can also be used to pick up weapons from the ground.
Leg Cannon 'LeftMouse' while jumping toward enemy Will kick out with the legs in the chest area launching you towards the sky.
Sweep 'LeftMouse' while crouched Makes the player sweep the feet of enemies.

Alpha Keys

Control Behavior
Active Ragdolls 'Z' The world famous Active ragdolls, makes the player fall (affects any active A.I also) and protect itself from nearby objects.
Pain-Animation 'N' Makes the player and A.I fall to the ground in agony until you let go.
Normal Ragdolls 'M' Makes the player and A.I fall to the ground like normal until you let go.
'C' Activate Agressive A.I The A.I added with the editor will now attack any hostiles assinged to them.

Special Attacks

Control Behavior
Select single object double-left-click on object Selects clicked on object and deselects all other objects. If the object is part of a group, the whole group is selected. Bounding box and slight glow indicate object is selected.
Toggle-select objects shift + double-left-click on objects Toggles whether or not clicked on object is selected. Preserves other existing selections.
Box select objects left-click + right-click + drag, or left-click + 'b' + drag Selects all objects whose centers lie within box drawn on screen. Deselects all other objects.
Box toggle-select objects shift + left-click + right-click + drag, or shift + left-click + 'b' + drag Toggles selection state for all objects whose centers lie within box drawn on screen. Preserves other existing selections.
Select all cmd-a Selects all objects.
Deselect all double-left-click away from all objects Deselects all objects.