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Overgrowth is a cross-platform game in development by Wolfire Games, an independent game company. Overgrowth is the spiritual successor to Lugaru, a game also developed by Wolfire. Development of Overgrowth was officially announced on September 17th, 2008. The game is currently in Beta and is playable via preorder, Humble Bundle, and Steam.

Gameplay emphasizes fluid, fast-paced 3rd-person armed and unarmed melee combat, 3D-platforming, and stealthy infiltration. Overgrowth uses a custom game engine codenamed "Phoenix", and a lot of work has been put into making it accessible to modding.

The game currently consists of two campaigns - a remastering of Lugaru in the Phoenix engine, and its successor, the new Overgrowth campaign, as well as a collection of maps (many of which are populated by enemies) which the player is able to explore, and even modify if they are so inclined. There are two additional gameplay modules, one called "Arena", in which the player is pitted against procedurally generated enemies in gladiatorial matches, and one dubbed "Challenge", a collection of 12 levels in which the player must complete a certain task or set of tasks. There are also numerous player-made maps, campaigns, and gameplay modifications available through the SUMlauncher and the Steam Workshop.

The story of Overgrowth features a continuation of Turner's journey, a couple of years after the events of Lugaru. In addition to anthropomorphic rabbits and wolves, the Overgrowth Universe now includes cats, dogs, and rats (see article: Races), all of whom are involved in the campaign.

Getting Started

Phoenix Engine Documentation

Here we aim to provide comprehensive technical documentation about all features relevant to modding and level editing. If you're looking for tutorials, see the Modding Tutorials heading below.

Level Editing

Asset Creation


Modding Tutorials

Alpha Testing

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