Rabbit Catcher

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Rabbit Catcher

Dog Polearm

The rabbit catcher is a more unusual weapon. Although rabbits usually don't like to fight, it is not unheard of. This weapon is used to prevent rabbits from jumping over defensive fortifications or into the middle of troop formations. It's fearsome appearance is usually deterrent enough to prevent their enemies from even trying it.

The rabbit catcher has two, long prongs from the end of the polearm, which are sharpened so allow for easy cutting of rabbit flesh. In the hands of a experienced dog fighter, the rabbit catcher can allow the wielder to hold off as many as 5 unarmed rabbits. When the dogs started using this formidable weapon, it decimated all the rabbits that tried to damage the soldiers using them. Eventually, the rabbits found the out the best way to counter the use of this weapon was to have two armed rabbits attack from either side at the same time, or if that's not possible to try and roll around to the back of the dog, stabbing him from behind, since the main disadvantage of this weapon is that it's rather slow compared to a sword.