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Concept art of a rabbit.

General description of Rabbits.


Rabbits take the center role in the overgrowth wolfire games production. They originally traveled to these lands as nomads making what they could from the little they started with, setting up rich farmlands and building small homesteads built into the sides of mountain slopes.


Rabbit culture.


Rabbits don't seem to have any type of political system. They have leaders of the settlements, or leaders of the groups if the Rabbits are nomads, but how that certain Rabbit became the leader remains mostly a mystery, however evidence has it that the leader rabbit fought his way up, challenging the old leader.



Rabbits are a non agressive race, however when they are angered they attack back in full force calling neigboring holds for assistance. An example of this behavior is the unification of the Mannow islands to defend against the forces of Chaar.

Famous battles

Description of famous battles that Rabbits fought in.


A rabbit priestess lighting incense at a lunar shrine

As some concept art suggests, there is a sense of religion, or at least mysticality, within the rabbit race. Lunar shrines are built, in which priestess regularly light incense.

Notable Rabbits