Reversal, Counters, and Avoidance Techniques

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Reversals are the soul of Lugaru. They earn points, and are vital during combat. With insane mode on, all reverses can only be used when facing the enemy. However for wolves, you can reverse from any direction, regardless of difficuly.

Unarmed Reverses

  • Basic Punch/Wolf Punch

Generally, enemies will never use Turner's punch, they will stick to the double punch. Wolves will punch, but they are irreversable for Turner, you can only block them

  • Double Punch

Reversed by hitting shift before the punch reaches impact. Too early will result in a hit, the double punch can hit both standing and crouched opponents

  • Roundhouse Kick

Hold shift to duck it, release it when leg is somewhat over you.

  • Leg Sweep

Hit shift when you see the attack coming, the window is open the entire time between the start of the move till before impact

  • Low Kick

Cannot be reversed and will only be used on down or crouched opponents

Weapon Reverses

  • Staff verticle swing

Close the distance between you and the enemy and hit shift while the staff comes down on you

  • Staff horizontal swing

Same with the above except it has even longer reach. Early crouching doesn't matter, it only hits standing opponents (you won't reverse though)


Unarmed Counters

  • Basic Punch

An extremely quick duck (shift) will allow you to dodge this attack

  • Roundhouse Kick

Hit shift when the enemy has your leg on his shoulder, not when you get kicked


Blocks are not reverses, they are moves to keep you from taking too much damage.


  • If you can't reverse a legsweep in time, still hit shift to duck. The legsweep will not knockover a crouched apponent, it just staggers them.

Low Kick

  • Crouching too long will cause an oppenent to low kick you, it is non-reversible, and pretty much unavoidable. Quickly let go of shift to stand up, you'll get hit anyways. But instead of going flying, you'll just get pushed back a little.

Wolf Punch

  • Can only be blocked, hitting shift will make Turner stop the attack. It would be a good idea to legsweep follow through, after blocking.


These are not rewarded as points, since they don't actually damage your foes. They will however, keep you alive.

Handspring/Roll follow through

  • One of the most important things, is to remember that alot of the damage is added into the fall. Hitting 'shift' won't always recover you in the air, most notably, you'll just flip in the air and still end up hitting the ground. So instead of 'shifting' during the fall, wait till you are about to hit the ground and then quickly press 'space' to roll or handspring away, uninjured.
  • This works well when you completely miss a legcannon. But, when you have a staff, just hold down 'space' after the legcannon, and you'll handspring away if you miss.
  • this will usually only work if you got hurt by yourself (if you tried to flip to gain balance and couldn't make it, you can hit space). You usually can't spring away after you get hit by something like a staff, or fell by getting kicked in the face.


  • You can use the jump button to quickly dodge legsweeps. When an enemy tries to legsweep you hit space, and you'll jump only a foot off the ground (it's binded to that attack, so it works pretty well).