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  • The navbox uses lowercase parameter names, as shown in the box (''at right''). The mandatory ''name'' and ''title'' will create a :<code>title - </code>text in the title bar, such as: <nowiki>[[Widget stuff]]</nowiki>.
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  • ...cle that has been (or will be) summarised. This template can also be used in the [[Help:Category|Category namespace]], but the preferred template for ca You may also include additional links, up to ten in total:
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  • ...(navbox)]] templates usually positioned on the right-hand sides of pages) in the same spirit as {{tl|Infobox}} for [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style (infoboxe ...he sidebar, in which case the {{para|name}} parameter is needed (see entry in the table immediately below).
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  • ...e, image, headingstyle, contentstyle) are defined [[Template:Sidebar|in the Sidebar template page]]. In addition to the above, the following collapsible list-related parameters ar
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