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Turner in Lugaru
Turner in Overgrowth

Turner is a war veteran, that belongs to the race of Rabbits. He is the hero of Lugaru and Overgrowth.

In Lugaru

In Lugaru, Turner is a veteran living peacefully in a village in the southern part of the Lugaru Island with his wife, Sarah, his daughter, April, his friends, Skipper, Clover, & Jack. After his family, Skipper and Clover are killed by Raiders, in part due to Jack's betrayal, Turner seeks revenge on the raiders as well as Jack. Before he kills him, Jack tells him that the King is trading Rabbit bodies with the Wolves to prevent the Wolves from just taking what they need. Turner can eavesdrop on a conversation between the King Hickory and the Alpha-Wolf Ash, which confirms Jack's assertion. Consequently Turner kills the King and the whole wolf pack including Ash. At the end of Lugaru, Turner refuses to take over the Rabbit King's position, and leaves to wander the Lugaru island in search of a new meaning for his life.

In the level folder of Lugaru, there is an extra level where Turner becomes king.

In Overgrowth's Lugaru Campaign

In Overgrowth's Lugaru Campaign, Jack does not exist, and is his role is taken by Willow.

In the level folder of Overgrowth's Lugaru campaign, there are levels where Jack does exist, and has betrayed Turner.

In Overgrowth

After the events of Lugaru, Turner sails to the village White Flags on the west-coast of Lugaru island with the intent to live there peacefully. After his arrival he is confronted with so called Catchers, who raided the village to take slaves. Turner chases them down and meets Sky. She persuades Turner to accompany her in her plan to end the reign of the cat Amethyst, who is responsible for the catchers spread of terror on Lugaru island. Together they sail to the mountains in the middle part of the island, where Turner splits from Sky to seek help from the rebels called "Rabbits Of The Moon". Turner encounters Sun and the Rat Crawl who are part of the Rabbits Of The Moon. Together with Crawl he proceeds to steal the sleeping poison that the catchers use to render their prey immobile. Crawl gets imprisoned by Catchers and when Turner tries to free him he is captured as well. Turner is being transported to the very south of Lugaru island to Amethyst's Prison where he has to fight other prisoners of all races. Because of Turners success in the Arenas he finally faces Amethyst's assistant in a 1 vs. 1 encounter in Cat City and is able to defeat her. Subsequently he kills Amethyst and escapes the cat's claws.

Sky and Sun are both from Sanctuary, a "sky island" that belongs to the Twinleafs. They are certain, that this is the only place to be safe from the fury of the cats after the murder of Amethyst. Together with Sun, Sky & Crawl Turner arrives at the enormous structure only to find out that the Twinleafs wouldn't allow anyone else on the sky island. Turner manages to kill the Twinleaf King and his closest assistants. He decides not to stay with his Friends on the Island and wanders off knowing that they're safe.

Turner is approximately 5'2" tall, not including his ears. Turner's fur is mostly light brown, excluding the odd white patch (and especially around his chest). He is typically seen wearing green fiber (presumably plant fiber) pants, protective leather foot-guards, with thin strands of cloth surrounding his midriff (and tied around his arms). In addition, a leather bracer is worn on Turner's left arm, along with a small stone emblem that is tied to the bracer with what appears to be rope. Though this is not clarified officially, Turner is assumed to be either middleweight or welterweight.