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It has been suggested that fan content should have a common place. Here will do.

Fan Suggestions

Where popular suggestions will be posted and linked to art, mods or tutorials on how to implement the suggestion. Please link suggestions to their creators or at the very least the thread in the forum.

Perhaps they should be separated by alpha (look at the alpha videos and read comments)?

what about if, at the end every mission after you've completed it on the campain, you had the choice of visiting your house or home so that you can rest, change armor or forge new armor from the loot you recieved from the dead enemies in the last few missions or whatever.

Fan Tutorials

Where even the newbiest of newbs can learn how to start doing things on their own. Whether it be drawing with a computer or applying a cool shader to an object. Everything in this section should be accessible to anyone.

tutorial videos list

tutorial how to make a simple model in blender and howto import it into Overgrowth

Knowledge is power.

Fan Art

Where ideas are worth a thousand words. All art that is posted MUST have be tagged with it's creator (the same goes for everything else, plagiarism is evil)! fan art thread

Concept Art

If your messing around or drawing a rabbit munching on grass post it here.

Polished Art

If you've worked very hard and want to show your hard work post it here.

Fan Mods

Finally the suggestions or your ingenuity can be seen at full realization. Preferably anything that has made it to the mod section should have at the very least a tutorial linked up to it and at most the art concepts and links to the suggesters or suggestions.

The mods should be split up by categories yet to be decided (UI stuff, characters, maps, weapons... its a long list that should be narrowed down to the basics)

SPF only