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Wolves are vicious fighters with a disdain for technology.

Wolves in Lugaru

A wolf
The first wolf encountered in the Lugaru campaign

Wolves are one of the principal enemies in Lugaru. Each wolf pack is presided over by an Alpha Wolf, who is usually the strongest wolf in the pack. Unfortunately, wiser and more suitable candidates are unlikely to be the strongest of the pack, and thus are unable to attain the position of Alpha Wolf.

It is because of the short-sightedness of one particular Alpha Wolf, who maintains his position by brawn rather than intelligence, that the large scale massacre of the rabbits began, without thought to the sustainability of excessive hunting.


A description of major events in Wolf history.


This section will describe Wolf cultural practices and common beliefs.


Description of Wolf leaders and political relations.



Description of Wolf combat styles.

Famous battles

Description of famous battles that Wolves fought in.


Description of Wolf religious beliefs and deities.

Notable Wolves

Alpha Wolf