"Corpse" of clan Wolf Blood

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Character Overview

The first character we meet in the Overgrowth web comic titled "Mad Dog", Corpse's true name has not been revealed yet. He is a major role in the plot line of the comic and appears to be one of the central characters. He is first seen through the narration of Janner, who is observing Corpse from above. Is rescued by Janner and whisked away while still unconscious from his fight with the unnamed rival. He has played, so far, a role in keep the others of Janner's party alive and has opted to remain with the group after a narrow escape from a band of Raiders who came upon them while resting in a cave oasis, out in some desert.

In the Comic...

The Challenge

Corpse is on the cave pyramid of New Rakan, "about to make the worst decision of his life." as Janner puts it. He challenges an unnamed, white dog, perhaps of clan Long Tooth [specualtion; can one of the devs confirm/deny?], who informs Corpse that he must wait one month before challenging him again, as stated in "the code".

There is a bit of banter in which Corpse accuses the white dog of being a coward and hiding while the entire Wolf Blood clan perished defending the place. After said dialogue, Corpse engages his opponent in an attempt to gain some semblance of vengeance for his clan. His puts the white dog off balance, who manages to loose a spear into Corpse's left thigh. Despite his wound, Corpse continues the fight with his knife, clutching the gash in his leg. The white dog ends the fight then, by planting a slim, slender dagger, likely a cat main gauche, upward through Corpse's right eye.

The blow, while devastating and fight ending,does not kill him, as we soon find out. The rival orders Corpse's body be thrown into the trash heap for the bottom feeders because the Wolf Blood graveyard is too full. He is carried away by two smaller dogs, subjugated and ordered around by the dogs of larger breeds. His body is tossed into the trash, wrapped in a black shroud, while Janner comes down from the hillside to ensure that he receives a proper burial. Arriving just in time, Janner stopped the bottom-feeders from eating corpse on the spot. Offering them food for assistance in moving Corpse and time to consider an offer of a better life elsewhere, Janner manages to recruit the three unfortunates.

Leaving New Rakan behind, the group travels up the hillside, moving upward and opposite the opening of the large cave, to Janner's food cache. The three new members who have tagged along are Brummie, Taff and Chase. The group stops for a bite to eat and the three decide to continue with Janner instead of returning to the trash heap at New Rakan.