Alpha 78

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New Features

Roll recovery from ragdoll

One can now roll to exit ragdoll mode (default key: Z).

Scriptable ragdoll pose matching

It is now possible to script the matching of different poses (for example transitions from one pose to another- ie when the rabbit flips in the air?) for the ragdolls.

Ragdoll pose editor

Allows to predefine arbitrary poses for the ragdoll through the editor.

Better lighting for non-uniform scaled objects

Calculations of lighting for objects that were scaled (ie. made bigger or smaller than their original sizes) and that are non uniform (ie. objects with complex surfaces) were improved.

Pose weights mode

Weights for the ragdoll can be placed in the pose editor.

Shader Optimizations

Optimizations relative to the shaders (ie. lighting, blur effects, etc.: all that is post processing).

Better integration of ragdolls and animation

Ragdoll recovery with rolls and flips are now more fluid.


  • Weird colored blocks mark the 'ground'
  • Animation Editor doesn't work
  • No Combat Implemented
  • Ribbon defaults to Rigging

Ribbon defaults to Rigging

Open the file:Data/UI/ribbon/ribbon.html

Go to line 318- if you are affected by the bug, you should see:showPanel('rigging');

Replace with:showPanel('regular');

Save, close, and launch Overgrowth.