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This is the current list of templates for use on this wiki. For more information on templates visit the Wolfire Wiki Editing Standards page.


This Wiki makes extensive use of templates. Templates allow you to re-use Wiki code and allow for easy editing.

Example One

For instance:



Work in Progress Work in Progress: Comments & Edits Welcome

In Category:Improvement Needed Templates there are a list of improvement templates. Open them up and see how they work. It will help you with understanding how to write you own.

Example Two

The to-do list template
{{Wolfire Wiki To Do}}
adds this: *REMOVED* (messes with the content browser)

Special Pages

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  • How can I limit the amount of content I want to show (ie only 15 recent changes or the most recent change per person)? - Conner36
{{Special:RecentChanges}} Adds the contents from the special page. 
Be careful not to leave any spaces between the words.