Challenge Level Bonuses

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  • Aikido Master!

Awarded for multiple reversals.

  • Bladeslinger

Awarded for multiple knife throw kills.

  • Bojutsu

Awarded for multiple skillful kills with the staff.

  • Brutal

Awarded for killing unconscious enemies, abusing dead bodies (by stabbing, kicking or clubbing) or using them to kill other enemies.

  • Divide and Conquer

Awarded for killing foes one after the other without alerting or engaging the rest.

  • Escape Artist

Awarded for eluding numerous foes.

  • Flawless

Awarded for killing all foes without sustaining any damage.

  • Gymnast

Awarded for lots of leaping flips over the heads of opponents.

  • Knife fighter

Awarded for knife kills.

  • Merciful

Awarded when all enemies are unconscious but not killed, and without extended combat.

  • One with the Shadows

Awarded for not being seen before killing your opponents.

  • Swordsman

Awarded for sword kills.

  • Suicidal

Awarded when unnecessary risks are taken, e.g. numerous opportunities for an easy kill are passed up in favor of using a particular technique.

  • Take No Prisoners

Awarded when all enemies are killed in the first encounter with each of them.

  • Unarmed

Awarded when all enemies are killed without using weapons. Not available in Levels 1, 6 or 14.