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Tutorials on how to create and import your custom terrain into Overgrowth. Here is the most up to date tutorial (Video tutorial) (Sep 29, 2011)

And here are out dated, but still usable tutorials

You can find the cached and simplified model of the terrain in your user documents wolfire/overgrowth/data/textures/terrain/levelname/

Level XML Reference:

  • ExtraAO tag takes a value from 0 to 1, with anything above 0 adding darker and more subtle AO.

example: <ExtraAO>0.6</ExtraAO>

  • ModelOverride tag specifies a path to a model to use instead of the one generated from the heightmap,

example: <ModelOverride>Data/Models/cave_test.obj</ModelOverride>

Moved WIP tutorial to discussion.

TODO - recommend and describe how to pull and use existing heightmaps in a given level, also point to good tutorial on how to make own. One does exist on here somewhere.