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The parameters here can be changed using the Scenegraph window.

Some parameters might not exist by default. If that's the case you simply need to press the relevant "New parameter" button and type in the exact same name (including big/small letters).


The level parameters can be accessed by bringing up the scenegraph window, expanding "Level" at the top, and then "Script Params".

Parameter Description
Achievements Decide which challenges you can complete on the level, they appear on the level end screen.
Custom Shader Here you can specify certain shader defines to change how the level is rendered. TODO: Create and link to list of shader defines that can be used
Fog amount Sets the thicknoess of the atmosphere and thus how far you can see.
HDR Black point Sets what brightness should be regarded as black.
HDR Bloom multiplier Decides how much light pixels bleed.
HDR White point Sets what brightness should be regarded as white.
Level Boundaries If this is checked characters will be pushed back into the level when they try to go past a certain point.
Objectives Set the goal of the level.
Sky Brightness Adjust how bright the sky should be.
Sky Rotation Move the sky around.
Sky Tint Makes the sky have a specified color.
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