Tutorial 1: Making a house

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Making a house

Laying a foundation

First thing you have to do is find a good spot to Build. I picked a "flat-ish" spot on the greenhills.xml map.


Then we have to Load the object we are going to use for the foundation. The reason it is wise to use large foundations in the Alpha is because the terrain is subject to change. If your house relies to much on the geometry of the terrain, it could be ruined if the terrain changes. Also, if you build your house off this single block it's easier to move the house if you choose to pick a different location. The object I chose as my foundation is called "blockCatBrickWall.xml" Generally, there is quite a variety of objects you can choose from for your foundation, it's purely personal taste.


Next we scale the block to the dimensions we want using the scaling tool. You can hold down Ctrl + RMB to scale the top side of the block while it is locked to grid. This can help farther down the road when you build atop of your foundation.


And that's it for the foundation!

Building the Basics

Next part is the same as the last except we are loading a suitable wall object and placing it on top, this can be tricky to line up the two bricks. The best procedure is to spawn the object on top of the foundation, then hold CTRL + Shift + RMB on the top side of your wall, and move it up one grid space. This method should line your wall up with your foundation perfectly, the only thing you need to do is line up the sides. Moreover, you can use other objects like "Post1.xml" to cover up the grooves in between the two bricks.


Now we are going to build the roof, same process as before load up roofsideCatStuccoWall.xml and align the sides with the top of your wall object. This object allows you to easily align the roof objects with your building.



Now that the foundation is laid, and the general structure is made, you can customize it further by adding things like a door, windows, and a roof object. This tutorial should have helped you along your way of making a suitable, simple house. Feel free to try any new methods you may have discovered as well.