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One late summer night, Conner_36 went to battle with Wiki Subsystems for entrance to it's labyrinth. He tried to trick Wiki Subsystems first with a space and then with a caps but was denied access.

He then called out to the mighty Jeff in an AIMchat for help with his battle. Jeff told him of a ritual he could perform but there would be consequences. Conner_36 would be able to defeat Wiki Subsystems and gain access to the labyrinth for the cost of his _.

Conner_36 agreed to commence with the dark ritual and gained access to the labyrinth, but he was without _.

Jeff later tried to console Conner36 by giving him extra _______________________ through an AIMchat, but Conner36 declined. He had been without _ before and would be able to survive the upcoming battles with the wiki subsystems without _.

He would be fine knowing that IRC accepts his _.