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The way this works is that if you have or currently contributing to the wiki put your work or progress in the "Fresh" section. If no work has been done on the task for two weeks it will go "stale". Please try to keep things fresh and move things to "Stale" if you a) can't work on it or b) see no progress for a while. It is up to you to keep things fresh! Please help us out.

Then when you are sure that you are completely finished put it in the "Finished" category.

(I would like to create a template to add here anything that has the improvement needed template in it. If you know how to do that please go ahead)


Here is how you write the things in the list.

*What needs done [[link to where you should go]]
Date something meaningful was last done 
(Make sure that the dates include the year.
dd Month, yyyy: What you did (include links). Handle.
or use the signature button.)
**List of things that need to be done before finishing the parent task

I just listed a top/down approach to creating the to-do list. If you prefer the bottom/up approach then post the children tasks by themselves with links to their parents.

To-do List


No changes during the given period match these criteria.



  • Went through and categorized all files... whew...
  • Set up a system that makes it easy to add items to the "Fresh", "Stale", or "Finished" lists (I think it's good enough please post in Template_talk:Wolfire_Wiki_Updates if you think we need to improve this system) -- Conner36 18:55, 14 February 2012 (UTC)