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Barehanded Techniques

Sneak up behind an enemy (crouch-walk or run-and-roll,) stand up, and attack. Alternately, leap to land directly behind enemy.

  • Solid Hit 66 points (66.5 rounded down, when applied to the math)

Hit an enemy with basic barehanded attacks: punch, double punch, front kick, roundhouse kick, leg sweep or wall kick. Also awarded for pulling a leaping enemy out of the air and throwing him to the ground. Each additional hit in a short amount of time produces the following bonuses (also awarded for successive attacks against multiple enemies):

You can also score Megas past the fifth hit, but the score goes down to 533, 355, etc.

Hit an enemy with a "leg cannon" attack: run toward an opponent while holding attack and press jump when you are close.

Press crouch when an enemy throws a barehanded attack. The type of reversal depends on the attack and your timing in response. A leg sweep is blocked with a foot on the ground and followed by an uppercut to the head. A roundhouse kick is caught on the shoulder by crouching and coming up under the leg, followed by a counter-kick to the midsection. A double punch reversal is turned into a shoulder throw by catching the hands and spinning. A normal punch is merely blocked, however the enemy will follow up their block with a hit to the face. There is also a reversal for a Leg Cannon, but no bonus, since it is only used against you; no enemy uses a Leg Cannon for you to reverse.

Same as reversal, but it requires that you knock out or kill the opponent with the blow.

  • Tackle 5 points (50 points if the target is fleeing, rewarded as a heavy impact)

Crouch-walk, then while still crouch-walking, stop crouching. You will begin to run on all fours. Run towards an enemy and attack.

This bonus occurs when you hit an enemy (dead or alive) into another. You can either "leg cannon" two enemies together, or crouch attack a corpse and launch it at an opponent. Sometime awarded when a normal strike (roundhouse kick, wall-kick, etc.) knocks two opponents together. Also awarded when you slam into a leaping opponent in the air, intentionally or otherwise, which unfortunately usually kills you.

Kill an enemy with a wall-kick.


Attack with the knife.

After 2 slices in a row, attack again and you will stab the enemy in the throat. Attack is a finisher so you could actually attack a well armored opponent multiple times in a row before doing this move.

Hit the enemy with a thrown knife.

Sneak up behind an enemy and attack with a knife.

Kill with mid-air throw as you flip over an opponent. (You can throw knives while flipping - press crouch and pick up\throw in mid-air.)


Attack while wielding a sword.

Sneak up behind an enemy and attack while wielding a sword.


Vertically strike the opponent while standing still, can be awarded by hitting fallen enemies.

Attack an enemy horizontally by moving during your attack.

Note: Staff attacks are not named, their bonuses are properly awarded though.

-- A verticle strike is a solid hit, multiplied by 4.

-- A horizontal strike is a solid hit, multiplied by 6.


These techniques will gain you the weapon you're being attacked with, as well as the points listed, while dealing some damage to your foe.

Reverse a sword attack.

Reverse a staff attack. Points are not gained by reversing "verticle swings"

Reverse a knife attack.


Kill a wolf.

This occurs where your attack hurts the enemy so much that instead of rendering them unconcious, it kills them. May be awarded for many different successful attacks: staff strikes, after Cannon Legs into distant objects, drop kicking bodies into enemies, wall-kicking, etc.

Fall or jump on an enemy from above.

When an enemy is on the ground, crouch-attack them with a knife or sword.

This occurs when your enemy dies after striking (or being struck by) something, either intentionally or accidentally: a wall, the ground, your body, a knife, a staff, etc. Like "Touch of Death" it may be awarded when this is the result of a number of different attacks. It is also usually the result when chasing and attacking a fleeing enemy, leading to a tackle and the death of the foe.