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Weapons play a major role in the fierce and violent universe of Overgrowth. Each race has its own weapon types with different abilities. This article describes the weapons introduced so far.


Polearms are longer weapons, often with some sort of blade affixed to the end of a pole, to allow for greater reach.

Dog Spear

A short spear used with two hands to thrust into the enemy's exposed body or sweep them off their feet.

Dog Glaive

Much like a spear, but with an edge designed for cutting rather than stabbing.

Rabbit Catcher

A variety of glaive with two blades mounted at the end forming a "V" shape. Used to catch those pesky rabbits.



While data exists for a basic staff, it will produce and ignorable error if loaded into the Overgrowth Editor. The weapon appears fully functional, including a two-handed stance when wielded.


Knives are small and fast cutting weapons. Overgrowth has a wide selection of knives including:

Rabbit Knife

Little more than a handle and a poorly shaped blade possibly made of stone or volcanic glass.

Flint Knife

Has a striped red and white hilt with a blade made out of what appears to be flint. It almost resembles a chef's knife.

Gabe Knife

A strangely modern knife, it has a brown hilt and a single edge with a short false edge on the back. Has decorative "dots" arranged in a zigzag on the flat of the blade that runs up to where the false edge ends.

Dog Knife

A knife that looks akin to a tanto. The chisel point is very narrow, and could be used for thrusting.


Swords are the bread and butter of melee combat. Overgrowth has several different swords detailed below:

Dog Short Sword

A medium length sword with what appears to be room for two hands on the hilt. It has a chisel shaped point and a wide blade with a blunt back, made for chopping down opponents. Has the standard rectangular dog motif near the base of the blade.

Rat Machete

A close relative of the short sword, but with a single-edged blade. In this case there is also a spike along the top portion of the blade to cause extra damage when hacking enemies.

Dog Broadsword

A large two-handed weapon, made for cleaving opponents and chopping off spear heads. The blade is heavy, wide, thick, and looks rectangular. Has the standard rectangular dog motif on the base of the blade.

Bastard Sword

While there is complete data for a sword called Bastard.xml the grip animations do not work well for all characters and the textures are noticeably lower quality than other weapons. Historically "Bastard Sword" or "Epee Bastarde" was a term for a sword of unknown origins or lacking the hallmarks of France, Spain or Germany. Because of the irregularity of this sword one could speculate that it is a homemade raider weapon rather than smithed by a skilled craftsman.


Rapiers are light, long stabbing weapons meant for fast combat and dueling.


A long, thin, fast, and elegant weapon. Its applications in combat are limited for those who have not mastered rapier fencing.

Parrying Daggers

Parrying daggers are held in the fighter's off hand and used, much like they are named, to parry incoming attacks.

Main Gauche

A small dagger with a blade-catching protrusion near the bottom of the blade. Use of this weapon for its intended purpose is not yet implemented.


Historically, warhammers were not large and unwieldy hunks of metal on the end of a pole, but rather, an regular hammerhead on the end of a long shaft often with a spike on the back side of the head.

Dog Warhammer

Most foes aren't armored enough to stop this weapon once swung. Expect broken bones, lots of broken bones.

Thrown Weapons

True to their name, thrown weapons are manufactured with the express intent to harm your enemies without getting close enough that they can retaliate.

Rabbit Throwing Dagger

Designed much like the Rabbit Dagger but with protruding spikes on both the inside and outside of the middle of the blade to catch more flesh when thrown

Rat Throwing Blade

A wicked weapon that is closer to a machete than a throwing dagger. It has a hooked spike on the inside bottom, outside top, and the bottom of the hilt. For when you absolutely have to cause pain from a distance.

Exotic Weapons

Exotic weapons are far enough removed from the basic design or form of other weapons that they often require individual training just to use.


A sword-like wooden club adorned with prismatic blades of volcanic glass. The Macuahuitl makes for an excellent, if heavy, swinging weapon. The prismatic blades of volcanic glass allow it to be extremely sharp and easily repaired.


They may not be "true" weapons but they can block a blow or two for you and are far preferable to taking on an armed opponent barehanded.

Dog Short Sword Scabbard

A basic scabbard to sheathe your short sword in. Can double as a blocking implement or blunt weapon.

Cat Rapier Scabbard

A long, thin scabbard that can be used as a last ditch defense. It's adorned with brass fittings at the mouth and bottom, with purple silk wrapped around the throat.


All of the below items can be attached to characters via alt+clicking.

Large Wooden Plate

A decent-sized piece of wood bound with ropes to provide extra protection in combat. Can be attached around the shoulders and arms.

Large Bag

A bag for storing goodies one finds while adventuring. Can only be attached to slots around the waist area.

Medium Bags

Somewhat smaller bags that can be attached either near the waist or upper chest. Otherwise the same as Large Bag.