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This is part of the old table since before the uber-shader update. We need to make sure that everything in this table is still covered on the page, but using the new techniques.

Lukas Orsvärn (talk) 08:44, 28 March 2018 (UTC)

Tag Non-standard channel designation Description
cubemap Standard shader.
cubemapobj Same as Cubemap but uses object-space normal maps instead of tangent space.
cubemapobjitem Object space version of CubemapItem.

A - Transparency

A - Reflectivity

cubemapalpha shader

Texels that do not have a transparency of 0.0 or 1.0 have depth sorting issues with each other.


A - Sun fresnel mask

Intended for use with characters, shine is sharp, uses object space normals. The sun fresnel effect brightens up the edges of the object when it is between the camera and the sun.

A - Transparency

A - No effect

RGB - Translucency color
A - No effect

R - Wind mask
GBA - No effect

plant shader

Has transparency like cubemapalpha but no reflectivity. Enables the optional use of a TranslucencyMap and a WindMap, see tags.

detailmap4 Requires a WeightMap and a DetailMaps tag when used. TODO: Does this also enable the optional use of the DetailObjects tag, or can that be used anyway?