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Overgrowth has many different weapons that can be used to make your levels more interesting. This article will go through how to spawn weapons and attach them to characters.

Spawning Weapons

  1. In the menu bar, press Load → Weapons and click a weapon in the list
  2. Click where you want the weapon spawn box to appear

You can now move around the spawn box to place the weapon where you want it. Every time the level starts, the weapon will be created in the spawn box and fall to the ground.

Attaching Weapons

To make a character start with a weapon on their hand or hip, do the following:

  1. Spawn a weapon and a character that will hold it
  2. Select the weapon spawn box
  3. Hold alt, circles will appear on all characters where the weapon can be attached, such as in hands and on hips
  4. Left click where you want to attach the weapon

Once you've done this a line should appear from the weapon spawn box to the character spawn box to signify that the weapon is attached to that character.

Detaching Weapons

If you have attached a weapon to a character, but now want to detach it again, do the following:

  1. Select the weapon spawn box
  2. Hold alt+shift while left clicking on the character spawn box the weapon spawn is attached to

The line between the weapon spawn and the character spawn should dissapear. The next time the level is started, the weapon won't be attached to the character. You can test if it worked by restarting the level with 'L'.