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It has been suggested that fan content should have a common place. Here will do. Right now though this is a very rough draft of what should be in place.

If you see an SPF link that means you must pre-order the game to read about the suggestion in the SPF forums.

If you have any thoughts about what needs to be added to organize this page post them in 'discussion page' in the tab next to 'project page'. Also, don't forget to let the other contributors know. Go to Category: Wiki Contributors and see how you can help.

Lastly, read Portal:Overgrowth, it wont kill you.

Fan Suggestions

Where popular suggestions will be posted and linked to art, mods or tutorials on how to implement the suggestion. Please link suggestions to their creators or at the very least the thread in the forum. Remember that this is not a good place to host discussions, the forums are a better place for that. This a great place to show off what you think is a genuine good suggestion.

If you have any doubt that your suggestion isn't good ask on the forum. If you think your suggestion is the best thing since sliced bread, first post on the forum. Only after you see that you idea is both unique (not already posted on the wiki) and approachable using the tools available should you post it here.

We need to able to sort and list suggestions by three things:

  • by thread (can have multiple content)
  • by content/subject (can have multiple authors ideas on the subject)
  • by author (for things like alt stories, but not for threads where its just a discussion)

(For instance the "Visiting your house" suggestion should really be under UI? with subtopic of ?)

First order of business is to create the types of suggestions that are doable in the current state of OG Alpha and then create pages for all of them.

Visiting your house SPF

What if, at the end every mission after you've completed it on the campain, you had the choice of visiting your house or home so that you could rest, change armor or even forge new armor from the loot you recieved from the dead enemies in the last few missions?

Fan Tutorials

Where even the newbiest of newbs can learn how to start doing things on their own. Whether it be drawing with a computer or applying a cool shader to an object. Everything in this section should be accessible to anyone.

There still is no one tutorial page containing all of the tutorials currently out there for OG. Please help create a main tutorial page if you know how. The content on this page will all need to be reworked but it is a good temporary place for tutorials written by fans for now. In the future there should be a main tutorial page divided by wolfire and fan tutorials. The tutorials here should link to the subtopics in that page.

Video Tutorial List

Learn how to export a model from Blender to Overgrowth ModDB

Tutorial about how to make a simple model in blender and how to import it into Overgrowth.

Forum Tutorials

Linear Level Kit SPF

by ZramuliZ » Fri May 27, 2011 11:05 am

"I've noticed that many of the levels currently made are very linear and platforming oriented, so I thought they could benefit from a few new features.


  • Automatic respawn
  • Checkpoints
  • Lethal materials"

Knowledge is power.

Fan Art


All art that is reposted/posted MUST have permission from it's creator. fan art thread

Please try and fill out the summary with some basic information about your art pieces. Here are the list of Categories that should go first (choose only one):

  • Fan Art (if you took an artistic screenshot label it as fan art)
  • Fan Music
  • Fan Videos
  • Icons
    • Headers
  • Screen Shots must have either a Tutorials (only if the picture has directions in it) or Modding category together with another category for the content of the picture ie Overgrowth, Lugaru, Photoshop, Blender
    Click on me to see an example
    . There is no need to include artsy screen shots either from Wolfire or one you took (and possibly enhanced) yourself. Place those instead into Wolfire Art or Fan Art with the game tagged.
  • Textures (make sure to fill in the summary if you don't plan on writing an article explaining your texture)
  • Wolfire Art (if it's part of a specific Wolfire universe add that after (ie Lugaru, GL Fighters, Overgrowth)
  • Wolfire Music
  • Wolfire Videos

After those three steps comes the last step, going over to either the concept art template or polished art template and adding a link to your photo there.

To include a file in a page, use a link in one of the following forms:

  • [[Image:File.jpg]] to use the full version of the file
  • [[Image:File.png|200px|thumb|left|alt text]] to use a 200 pixel wide rendition in a box in the left margin with 'alt text' as description
  • [[Media:File.ogg]] for directly linking to the file without displaying the file

Concept Art

Polished Art

All Fan Art

Fan Mods

Finally the suggestions or your ingenuity can be seen at full realization. Preferably anything that has made it to the mod section should have at the very least a tutorial page linked up to it and at most the art concepts and links to the suggesters or suggestions.

Again that means there should be no mods post here without the tutorials on how you made your mod first.

The exception is that when you make your mod, there are tutorials already out on the wiki explaining how to get from step A to step B to your mod.

Simple example: You created a straight forward map in the OG editor you see that there are tutorials on how to:

  • Install the correct Alpha
  • Add the map inside the Alpha
  • How to use the in game editor to create a level using everything that you you used (That means if you are using a special tool post a tutorial on how to install and use the tool)

The mods should be split up by categories yet to be decided (UI stuff, characters, maps, weapons... its a long list that should be narrowed down to the basics)