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Challenge Levels

Level 01

Time Route

Take a single jump towards the rabbit nearest you, land directly behind him and spinecrush. Turn and begin bunnyhopping towards the black rabbit, making sure to attract the attention of the third one approaching you. Before you alert the black rabbit and before the white one reaches you, crouch and roll and come up behind the black rabbit: Spinecrush. By this time, the final white rabbit should have reached you. Kill him however you wish (you may find it useful to throw the corpse of the black rabbit at him).

Optimal Time: 10 Seconds?


Level 02

Time Route

Take two running jumps towards the block; on the last one flip and draw your knife. Land and roll; as you come out of the roll, jump and land on the block (don't catch and have to climb up it). Throw your knife at the rabbit with its back to you (black), and begin running towards him immediately. Almost immediately roll and pick up the dagger (preferably before he even hits the ground), come up and throw it at the other rabbit.

Optimal Time: 5 Seconds


Level 03

Time Route

Run to the right of the tree in front of you, then curve around to the left to come at the first bunny from behind. Roll up behind him and Spinecrush him, or Cannon Leg him into the tree ahead, roll over the body and grab his knife, and run towards the ring of trees.

Run up behind the next bunny, Bullseye him with your knife, roll over him and grab the knife, and run to your right until you run up behind the last bunny and Bullseye him.

Optimal time: 16 seconds

Level 04

Time Route

Run slightly to the left then head towards the first block. Bullseye the bunny passing left to right, roll over the body and grab the knife.

Head to the corner and turn left around the block, then left again between the blocks. Turn right at the corner, run up behind the bunny ahead and Bullseye him. Roll over the body and grab the sword.

Turn around and head towards the wolf, stopping between the middle blocks (too far and the bunny with the staff will see you too soon, or the wolf will tackle you). Leg sweep and slash or stab the wolf to death, run at the last bunny coming towards you and use the sword to slash him to death, or knock the staff out of his hand (or Staff Disarm him). Grab the staff and clobber him (watch out for Staff Disarm).

Optimal time: 25 seconds

Shorter Time Route

Start as above, but don't bother to grab the knife. Head right around the block, left to the corner and left between the blocks.

About 3/4 of the way down, turn right and jump to the top of the block. Run along the left edge to the corner and drop down behind the bunny. Spinecrush him, roll over the body and grab the sword.

Leap toward the wolf coming at you and run at him until he runs towards you. Stop before he tackles you. Slash him twice and run to the corner and turn right.

Circle quickly to the bunny's left and slash twice.

Alternate ending: After killing the wolf, turn right, climb up on the block, cut across on the diagonal, drop down behind the bunny and Backstab!

Optimal time: 22 seconds

Level 05

Time Route

Without Combat

Run to the side of the block with the brown bunny passing below. Jump down, turn right and run to the edge of the rocks. Crouch and let all three bunnies jump over you to their death.

Optimal Time: 12 seconds

With Combat

Turn around and run to the back of the block, jump down and turn left, run and turn left at the corner, run to the next corner, turn left, pass the brown bunny at speed and Cannon Leg the white bunny into the ledge.

Rebound over the brown bunny, Cannon Leg him into the ledge, grab his knife, turn around and nail the last bunny as he rounds the block towards you.

Optimal Time: 20 seconds

Short Time Route

Run to the right by the brown rabbit, and make sure the white rabbit sees you. Roundhouse kick the brown rabbit into the white rabbit, killing the brown one, and throw the knife at the fallen white one to finish it off. Take the knife again and throw it at the blue one.

Optimal Time: 8 seconds

Level 06

Time Route

Run to the corner of the nearest block, look right and wait for the green bunny to come out and turn away from you. Leap and land directly behind and Spinecrush him.

Kick the body between the two blocks on your left and crouch behind it, waiting for another bunny to approach. Drop kick the body into him, and immediately move up and repeat with the next bunny. A third one should approach soon; kick a body into him and immediately move past the nearest dead body and turn around; the red bunny is coming around the corner behind you. Kick a body into him and again turn around to await the final two bunnies.

Drop kick twice and it's over.

Optimal time: under a minute.

Running Rampage Route

Run forward to the left corner of the block in front of you. As you approach, leap and flip to clear the edges of the block, landing past the dark grey bunny and behind the blue bunny. Spinecrush him, and turn up the path between the blocks to your left with the grey and red bunnies in hot pursuit. Turn left at the corner and run up behind the next bunny and SC him. Turn left and try to Cannon Leg the next bunny into the block in front of him as he turns left. This can be very difficult unless you're very fast; he'll probably already be alerted by the body of the dead blue bunny.

Turn left and race to the next corner; turn right, then left and left again. The green bunny should be ahead, unaware of your pursuit. SC him and take off with the three or four remaining bunnies on your tail. The dark grey shirtless one is the fastest and strongest; unless you lose him, you won't have many opportunities to attack.

The hard finish is to avoid leaping onto blocks (to escape and await attack from below) and just keep running. Weave in and out among the blocks and hope to get enough distance ahead to turn and kick a body into your pursuers, or come up behind for a Cannon Leg or a Solid Hit with a spinning kick. You can also try to get enough distance ahead to turn and try a head-on Cannon Leg/Nice Aim or Touch of Death combo. Keep it up until you or they are dead.

High Score Route

Start as in Running Rampage, but use a Cannon Leg on the second bunny; rebound behind your pursuers (grey and red) and CL one into the other for Nice Aim. If you don't rebound far enough, follow the one you kicked (now with three bunnies on your tale) and Cannon Leg him again if he runs back to the fray for a Nice Aim, or Tackle him for a kill if he's running for help. Escape your pursuers, head for the green bunny's back, SC him, and leap up on your favorite block and hope for lots of combos as multiple bunnies leap on to the edge of the block to get you. Crouch and keep your finger on the attack button and you may get 5 hits in a row for a Mega-Combo, but watch out for bunnies landing behind you or climbing up the other side.

Optimal Score: 2,000 to 3,000

Highest Scoring Route

Start as in the High Score Route, but after the CLing the 2nd bunny, turn and jump up on the block you just passed (the single block to your right). Stand or crouch at one of the corners and kick the attackers off as they jump up at you. Keep it up until they're all dead. With careful footwork and planning, and a little luck, you'll get multiple Megas and rack up a nice score.

Optimal Score: 5,000 to 6,000

Level 07

Time Route

Run up behind the red bunny ahead of you and Spine Crush him, grabbing the staff before it hits the ground. (Don't run through the tree branches or he'll hear you coming.) Turn right and run toward the bunny in white on the hill ahead of you.

Stay just to the left of the vein of rock in the grass on the slope and keep moving, but don't keep your finger on the attack button: wait until you're even with him and he's moving towards you, and swing while still in motion so you get a horizontal strike for a kill.

Immediately turn left and run to the left of the block ahead. As you top the small rise at the base of the tree, leap up and to the right, grab the back edge of the block, and pull yourself up to surprise the bunny on top. Kill him and turn right and run and leap to the block below where another bunny is patrolling.

Depending on the timing, he'll either be turned away for an easy kill (although you might break your staff: don't forget to grab his if you do) or he'll see you coming and roll off the block towards you. Either way, immediately turn left and run up behind the green bunny, killing him with a horizontal stroke. If the other bunny is in pursuit, circle to your right quickly and take him in the head with another horizontal stroke.

If you miss, roll forward and run at the block ahead, jump and wall kick back over his head and kill him while he wonders where you went.

Optimal time: 15 seconds

Level 08

Time Route

- Run towards the fire, passing to the right of the large tree. Take the bunny to the right of the fire with a Spinecrusher, then immediately crouch behind his body and wait for the bunny on the other side of the fire to come after you.

- As he approaches, drop-kick the body into him for a Nice Aim. DK both bodies through the fire; the flaming corpses may come in handy.

- Circle right, then left to come up behind the unarmed patrolling bunny. SC him and make for the last (armed) bunny ahead.

- This one's more alert (watch for him to stop and drop his ears slightly), so SC probably won't work. Cannon Leg might, though; let him have one, and grab his knife if you can. When he comes back at you, either Bullseye him with the knife, CL him again, or take him on mano a mano (or conejo a conejo).

If you miss any of your kills and end up in a rabbit-race with foes following, weave in and out of the fire and the flaming former foes' crispy corpses. The remainder of the mob will foolishly flambé themselves soon enough.

Optimal time: 27 seconds

Level 09

Time Route

Wait a couple seconds until the bunny on the right starts to turn the corner of the right hand block. Run down the hill and Cannon Leg him into the block, grabbing his sword at the same time.

Turn left and head right around the corner of the block; the other bunny should be coming towards you. Circle quickly to his left and slash him down. One should do it.

Leap to the right of block on your left, landing close to the far corner of the next block; turn right to confront the next bunny. Circle and slash.

Run forward to meet the last bunny and kill him as above. He may take two slashes.

Optimal time: 21 seconds

Shorter Time Route

Run up the hill to your left, turn at the top and run back down to Cannon Leg the first bunny closer to the corner while grabbing his sword. This lets you rebound back beyond the corner while the second bunny pursues, giving you a few seconds advantage in killing him.

Finish as above for a an optimal time of 13 seconds.

Level 10

Time Route

- Leap to the lower section of the block below (the level with the rock-strewn surface), landing by the near edge, but not close enough to the upper level to attract the brown bunny.

- Run and Cannon Leg the light grey bunny over the edge.

- You'll attract the brown bunny from the upper level; he should be chasing you now. When you bounce back, you'll be behind him: CL him. Grab his knife if he drops it.

- The dark grey bunny will be on you now; kill him with your fastest techniques, or knock him over the edge.

- Jump to the upper level and find the knife-wielding white bunny and kill him fast, but NOT by an edge toss: it wastes time waiting for the Touch of Death. Either run to the right around the block and take him from behind (Spinecrush is champion) or run left and meet him head on (disarm and knife fling is good, but watch out: it takes more than one Bullseye to kill him).

Alternate method - After CLing the brown bunny into space, immediately jump to the upper level, letting the dark grey bunny chase you. Run around the block and CL the white bunny, rebound past the grey and take him from behind.

Optimal time: 15 seconds

Level 11

Time Route

Move from under the tree to the left side of the rock directly in front of you. Wait at the front left edge until the wolf patrolling closest to you moves from right to left and turns away from you. (Don’t get too close or he’ll sense you and attack.) Once his back is towards you, run forward about 6 or 7 steps and leap to land directly behind him. Spinecrush him for a quick kill.

Turn to your right and line up another leap towards the other wolf. Take 4 steps and leap. (It's a short jump, so be careful not to overshoot your target.) Land directly behind and SC him also.

Turn right and rabbit-run past the right hand side of the block ahead, attracting the light grey rabbit on top. Once he chases you, turn and Reversal-disarm him, then Bullseye him with the knife and retrieve your weapon.

Run back along the left side of the block until you reach the lower section near the front. (Leaping from the back side is more difficult due to the height, and may give the bunny on top time to sense you and attack before you climb up.) Bullseye the bunny, retrieve your weapon and head for the other block. To save some time, sheath your weapon, rabbit-run for the block and draw as you run. (You can't start a rabbit-run holding a knife, but you can draw while rabbit-running)

Time your leap onto the block so both bunnies are turned away; Bullesye one, retrieve your knife and move to dispatch the other.

By now the remaining bunny is aware of you, and he’s armed, so be careful with your knife fling. If you miss on top of a block, it will bounce, but you may be able to keep an eye on it and catch it on the way down as you evade the other’s attack. You can also wait for his attack and try a Reversal-disarm, or try for a double Slice followed by a Puncture.

Optimal time: under a minute

Shorter Time Route

Rabbit-run and long-jump onto the edge of the left platform, so that the black bunny spots you and falls off (stupid AI). Disarm the other rabbit, and bullseye him as he gets up. Retrieve your knife, drop off the platform, and bullseye the black bunny. Pick up your knife, wipe it in the grass, then run and jump behind the left wolf, who should have his back turned at this point. Tracheotomy.

Run toward the second wolf, and either sweep him, or counter his sweep. The goal is to crouch-stab him the first chance you get ("Slain!"). Now run towards the right of the last platform, to draw the attention of the white rabbit. Disarm him and bullseye as he gets up. Climb on the platform when the last rabbit has his back turned. Bullseye.

Near-optimal time: 42 seconds

Level 12

Time Route

Leap down from the hill to the valley below where two bunnies and a wolf are patrolling. Land in front of the trees and immediately back-dodge away; one of the bunnies should be pursuing. Turn and rabbit-run up the hill, drawing your knife as you angle toward the slightly higher slope on the right. When you arrive at the flat spot at the top behind the tree, turn, Bullesye the bunny and retrieve your knife.

Leap back down the hill and repeat the back-dodge and rabbit run. The other bunny is better at knife avoidance, so you may need to Reversal-disarm and Bullseye him as he gets up. Make sure you get both knives after killing him.

Leap down the hill again and engage the wolf, using leg sweeps, follow-up kicks and judicious knife flinging to get your Wolfslayer bonus. Don’t move too close to the blocks or you’ll attract one of the other patrollers. Retrieve your knives and move back toward the hill, keeping an eye on the blocks for patrollers.

Wait on the hill well away from the blocks until another foe turns the corner and starts along the side near the trees where you killed the first wolf. Make sure there’s no one following too close, run up behind and Bullseye. Try to stay out of the areas between the blocks; you can follow for a kill if you know where the others are, but if you’re careless you’ll alert another patroller. Retrieve your knife, but if the dead foe had the staff, take that instead.

Run back up the hill where you killed the first bunny, turn right and move to the taller slope overlooking the four blocks. If you’ve got the staff drop it where you can find it (don’t risk breaking it on a bunny; you’ll want to save it for a quick kill on the the last wolf) and wait until the next bunny comes past on his rounds. Again make sure he’s alone, race down and Bullseye from behind. Get your weapon and move back up the hill.

Repeat with the remaining bunny, trying to catch him from behind before he gets too close to your last kill; having you and a dead body in close proximity alerts them to danger and they start to scurry around looking for trouble.

Get your staff and wait at the base of the hill for the wolf, or leap from above to land near him. Use a leg sweep to knock him down and nail him with the staff to finish the level.

Optimal time: less than 3 minutes

Shorter Time Route

Long-jump right behind the lone tree on your right, and climb the hill facing you. You should see a wolf patrolling below. After a couple seconds he crosses path with a rabbit; immediatly jump behind him, and spinecrush. Disarm the bunny you saw from the hill, and bullseye as he gets up. Repeat with the second rabbit.

Roll toward the blocks, so that the black rabbit on your left does not notice you. Stalk him, spinecrush. Run in between the blocks towards the other end to face two rabbits; the right one has a staff. Wall kicks should be the quickest way to dispose of them, along with a couple combos if necessary. Note that you can use the staff a few times, as you will only need two blows out of it for the remaining wolf.

Now run along the block in the direction the rabbit you've just killed was coming from (the one with a knife). You should spot the last wolf around the corner on your left. Run towards him, attack button pressed, and strike again once he's lying on the ground.

Near-optimal time : 45 seconds

Level 13

Time Route

Run down the hill just to the right of the tree in front of you. When you get to the bush, leap down to land on the rock behind the wolf and Spinecrush him. Immediately rabbit-run up the dune you came from, passing to the right of the tree. One rabbit should be in pursuit.

Get onto the flat area at the top, staying near the crest on the right. Turn and engage the armed bunny; Reversal-disarm and Bullseye (it takes more than one knife to kill him), Cannonleg or just wade in. Stay close; if you injure him, he’ll get up and run towards the two wolves circling the rocks below. Follow and tackle for a kill.

Retrieve the knife and head back towards the dead wolf. Leaping is faster, but make sure the bunny circling the rock is past the body before you get close or he’ll get excited and look for you. If possible, Bullseye him from behind, then follow up for the kill; he’s wearing armor and one knife won’t kill him. When you finish, get the other knife, too.

Move up the hill with the trees and sunken blocks and then down towards the single bunny pacing on the block below. Leap down for a Death From Above, then follow up and finish him, but watch out for his staff. If you Reversal-disarm him, try not to use it on him; it won’t last too long, and it will come in handy when you face the last two wolves.

You may want to leave the staff where you can find it and go after the first wolf with two knives. Approach the rocks they’re circling until you attract one, back-dodge until you’re clear of the other, leg-sweep, follow-up kick and Bullesye him for a Wolfslayer.

Get the staff, engage the last wolf, leg sweep, kick and bludgeon him into oblivion.

Optimal time: less than 2 minutes.

Shorter Time Route

Run towards the wolf below, passing left of the bush. Jump, spinecrush. Jump away with a flip to stun the dark bunny, so that the white one (who should be running towards you) can draw level with him. Now the risky part : leg-cannon them. It may be unreliable and thus sound somewhat cheap, but finishing this level below 50 seconds is difficult enough as is. Besides, it really works quite well once you get the hang of it. Instead of complaining, finish off the survivor, if any, by a simple combo - he should be busy catching his breath. Pick up a knife (while rolling), stow it away, run and long-jump towards the bunny with a staff. Disarm, and try to beat him quickly without damaging your staff for more than one strike.

Jump a few steps behind the closest wolf on your left from behind, strike him while running, and finish him off with one more strike. Other wolf should be close. Pound and beat him to death with your staff. If it breaks, dispatch him with a quick combo as he gets up, before he can recover - he should be very close to death anyway.

Near-optimal time : 40 seconds

Level 14

Time Route

Move a little back and to the right on top of the ridge, then wait for the wolf below to pass from right to left. Line up a leap, land directly behind and Spinecrush him.

Run up the hill ahead, move right and get in position while the next wolf moves towards, then away from you. Line up your leap, land and SC him.

Again move up the hill and to the right, wait for the last wolf to get into the best spot, leap, land, and annihilate.

Optimal time: less than 2 1/2 minutes

Alternate: If you don't have the patience to skulk around getting in position, and you're an experienced Wolfslayer, engage each wolf directly and hope for the best.

Optimal time: ?

Shorter Time Route

Kill the first wolf as described above, then rabbit-run towards the right of the forest. Long-jump behind the wolf on your right, spinecrush. The last wolf should be just another jump away. Spinecrush. One with the shadows!

Not-so-optimal time : 31 seconds

Lugaru Level 15

Challenge Level Bonuses

  • Aikido Master!

Awarded for multiple reversals.

  • Bladeslinger

Awarded for multiple knife throw kills.

  • Bojutsu

Awarded for multiple skillful kills with the staff.

  • Brutal

Awarded for killing unconscious enemies, abusing dead bodies (by stabbing, kicking or clubbing) or using them to kill other enemies.

  • Divide and Conquer

Awarded for killing foes one after the other without alerting or engaging the rest.

  • Escape Artist

Awarded for eluding numerous foes.

  • Flawless

Awarded for killing all foes without sustaining any damage.

  • Gymnast

Awarded for lots of leaping flips over the heads of opponents.

  • Knife fighter

Awarded for knife kills.

  • Merciful

Awarded when all enemies are unconscious but not killed, and without extended combat.

  • One with the Shadows

Awarded for not being seen before killing your opponents.

  • Swordsman

Awarded for sword kills.

  • Suicidal

Awarded when unnecessary risks are taken, e.g. numerous opportunities for an easy kill are passed up in favor of using a particular technique.

  • Take No Prisoners

Awarded when all enemies are killed in the first encounter with each of them.

  • Unarmed

Awarded when all enemies are killed without using weapons. Not available in Levels 1, 6 or 14.