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Basic Movement

Basic default movement is controlled using the standard W, A, S, and D keys. W causes Turner to run away from the camera, S towards the camera, A ninety degrees to the left and D ninety degrees to the right. (All control key settings can be changed in the Options – Configure Controls screen.)

The mouse controls how the camera rotates around Turner, thus it controls the actual direction that Turner runs. Dropping the camera by hitting C while in Debug mode disconnects the mouse from control of the running direction; moving the mouse will turn the camera, but Turner will run in the direction of the key being pressed. These directions will usually correspond to the axes of any blocks on the map.

Combining movement keys can allow useful variations. For instance, if you wish to circle around behind an enemy while keeping them in sight to avoid getting too close, pressing W and A or D together will cause Turner to run at 45 degrees to the camera. Orienting the mouse properly allows you to track the enemy in a way not possible while using A or D alone.

Pressing A and D together causes Turner to run straight forward; momentarily releasing one key allows fast direction changes which can be useful in dodging quickly through a group or around objects.

The basic style of movement in Lugaru is running. Although his enemies can walk or run depending on the situation, Turner cannot: his only speed is full ahead (but crouch-walking, jumping, and rabbit-running are also possible).

A stutter-step is possible by quick, repetitious pressing of a direction key. This can be useful to avoid running past an enemy flying through the air as Turner follows for additional attacks, or to avoid falling off a block as he moves to kick off an enemy clinging to the edge.

Since the stutter-step will replicate the last movement Turner’s leg took, it can lead to some amusing action. For instance, if the last motion was a kick, Turner will goose-step. Pushing W while tapping A and/or D will cause Turner to limp, or walk like Charlie Chaplin, or lurch and stagger like a drunk.

Rolling, Crouch-walking and Rabbit-running

Pressing the crouch key (Shift is the default) causes Turner to drop into a crouch as long as it is held; using it while moving can have different effects.

If pressed momentarily while running if causes Turner to do a forward roll. Repeated pressing of crouch results in a continuous roll. This can be useful in sneaking up behind an enemy quickly: they will typically not react to Turner’s presence if he is rolling, allowing him to perform a Tracheotomy, Backstabber or Spinecrusher.

It can also be used to avoid an attack while running past an enemy, or to roll away from a group without being hit. However, crouching near an alert enemy, even while moving, leaves Turner open to a usually fatal head kick.

If crouch is pressed and held, then followed by a movement key, Turner will crouch-walk. This also allows sneaking up behind an enemy, with the same results: they will not react to his presence, even when his nose is pressed against their tail. If the enemy is stationary, as in certain Campaign levels, Turner can nudge them in any direction, even over an edge or into a fire.

Using crouch-walk to sneak up behind all enemies on a level and kill them without warning will lead to a One With The Shadows level bonus.

Pressing crouch, followed by a movement key, then releasing crouch, will cause Turner to rabbit-run on all fours. This is faster than running, and can be used to help put some distance between Turner and his pursuers. It can also be used to tackle an opponent if the attack or jump key is pressed while rabbit-running at them.


Pressing the back key while holding the attack key when in combat or being pursued will cause Turner to back-dodge, turning back handsprings away from danger. Once out of range, movement will revert to normal running toward the camera.

Pressing throw (default is Q) while rolling or handspringing over a weapon on the ground, or over an armed enemy on the ground, allows Turner to grab the weapon. It will also pull an exposed knife out of an enemy if they have been bulls-eyed.


Pressing the jump key (default is the Space bar) causes Turner to leap straight into the air. The longer the key is held, the higher the jump. The highest jumps are achieved by starting from a crouching position. This will often allow you to reach the edge of a block otherwise out of reach.

Pressing jump while running causes Turner to jump in that direction. Pressing a direction key while jumping causes him to move in that direction, even while flying through the air: A and D will cause him to drift left and right, while W and S cause him to fly farther or drop short. These effects are hardly noticeable unless Turner is jumping from a considerable height, but can be useful in effecting a Death From Above bonus.

Jumping while running is the fastest method of movement, and can allow Turner to outdistance enemies. However, they will rarely give up the pursuit, no matter how far away he gets; only multiple changes of direction and level (i.e., over walls and blocks) will throw them off.

Pressing attack and jumping at an unsuspecting enemy can lead to a Leg Cannon bonus (or a Turner- damaging throw if they are alert). Pressing jump while rabbit-running at an unsuspecting enemy leads to a Tackle bonus.

Jumping can allow Turner to fly over enemies’ heads, or jump away from them, but if he is too close they can grab and throw him. As with reversals, pressing jump and/or crouch can allow Turner to land safely and avoid damage.

Pressing crouch while jumping causes Turner to flip in the air. This is useful when attempting to clear the edge of a block without hitting it, or preventing an enemy from grabbing and throwing Turner.

Both jumping and flipping near an alert enemy can cause them to react; sometimes one who is still unaware of Turner’s presence will also respond. Jumping can cause them to pause momentarily and watch; flipping while jumping causes them to freeze and stare stupidly at Turner. (After several jumps, however, they may begin to crouch and/or crouch-walk as you jump.)

Jumping and flipping can be useful in both escaping and attacking. Even large groups of enemies, including wolves, will freeze while you jump straight up and flip, allowing you to gain time to make plans or escape. You can also slowly nudge yourself into a new position, even around behind an enemy, where skillful and timely keystrokes can lead to successful sneak attacks.

Pressing jump again as Turner flies into a wall allows him to do a wall-kick and change direction; he can move forwards, backwards, left and right or at an angle. This can be useful in escaping; Turner can bounce back and forth between two parallel walls over his enemies’ heads, ricocheting in a new direction when he reaches the end.

Jumping and flipping is also the perfect way to set up a wall-kick attack for a Solid Hit or Style Bonus or even a kill. Jumping up a wall without reaching the top, then flipping, causes nearby enemies to freeze and watch in fascination. Waiting for Turner to slide down the wall, then pressing attack just before he reaches the ground, will almost always result in a solid spinning kick to the head of the nearest enemy. A normal wall-kick attack without a flip often causes them to crouch or roll under the kick and attack when Turner lands.

Jumping, flipping and attacking while holding a knife can lead to a flying bull’s-eye for a Ninja Bonus and a kill against unarmored opponents. It can also cause them to try to crouch, roll or back-dodge out of danger. This can be useful when fighting on top of a block, as they will often roll right over the edge.


To get to the top of a wall or block, press jump: if Turner can reach the edge, he will grab hold and hang there until you press forward to climb up, or backward to drop back to the ground. If an enemy is nearby, he can kick you off the edge as you hang there.

Slow Motion and Stop Action

Pressing B while in debug will cause the game to go into slow motion; even the sound will slow down. This can be useful in practicing a technique, or achieving a particularly difficult goal that has eluded you. It also allows you more time to admire an especially interesting sight, such as an enemy sailing over the edge of a floating block. (The game automatically goes into slow motion momentarily when an enemy is killed, slow motion will also stop when that happens.)

Pressing V while in debug causes the action to stop completely. This can be useful if you need time to gather your wits or decide on your next move. It can also come in handy in setting up a screenshot, or sequence of shots. Pressing V again will restart the action; pressing it twice quickly advances the action slightly, allowing a series of shots that can be used to create an animated GIF. Pressing V after killing the last enemy on a level will not prevent the "level cleared" screen from appearing.